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desktop and cloud-based authoring tools
– which is best?

Authoring tools come in all shapes and sizes, with different features and formats available to you. Knowing which one is best for your project might seem difficult at first, but there are a few…

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how to create engaging eLearning content

Engaging your learners is key to the success of your eLearning content, but how do you go about doing this? Using different technologies and carefully considered web design…

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creating effective eLearning assessments

Creating engaging content is just one part of a good eLearning course. Without assessing the user, they cannot know their progress or identify weak points in their knowledge…

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a guide to eLearning authoring tools

It can be difficult to know how to start building an eLearning course, from creating content to ensuring usability. Thinking in terms of the project budget and time constraints…

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collaboration within eLearning teams

Let’s imagine that following a business meeting, your team has been tasked with developing a new eLearning course for another department. Maybe you were out for lunch or in the supermarket…

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what’s the best font to use for eLearning content?

Maximising the outcomes of your eLearning course means paying attention to the small details. The font you use is important because it helps to create the right tone for your writing…

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why it’s important to visualise your learner

Successful eLearning isn’t just about having a well-built course, but ensuring that the content is what users actually want. If you can’t imagine your target learner as a particular individual or group…

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what is multi-media learning?

Adding variation in both the design of a course and delivery of content is easily achieved by using forms of multimedia throughout. It will enhance the learning journey and ensure users …

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why you should be using eLearning in your company

eLearning can range from barely adequate to excellent and anything in between. So, it is hardly a surprise that some organisations are still not embracing it. A bad previous…

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