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Thirst’s content visibility control gives admins the ability to curate learning materials tailored to different user groups and individuals.

No more content chaos – just streamlined, targeted, and engaging learning journeys. 🎉

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Tailored Learning Experiences

Thirst makes it easy to give your workforce content that’s aligned with their skill levels and professional goals.

L&D admins can now assign content to specific user groups, ensuring that learning materials are finely tuned to match the unique requirements of each learner.

This means a new starter won’t be overwhelmed by advanced content, and an experienced professional won’t miss out on the materials they need for growth.

Faster Content Assignment

Say bye-bye to spending hours manually assigning content to individual learners.

You can now manage learning content across multiple users and groups, which means less time on admin burden and more time on the more strategic aspects of L&D.

With just a few clicks, the right content, courses and learning journeys will reach the right people. 

Learning Alignment

Thirst enables you to control content visibility and keep learners across your organisation on the same page to create a unified learning experience.

This ensures that your learners are progressing toward the same organisational goals and standards.

Enhanced Learner Engagement

Content visibility control empowers you to deliver with content that resonates with their interests and aspirations.

Engaged learners are more likely to complete courses, actively participate, and apply what they’ve learned in the flow of work. 

In a world where one-size-fits-all approaches are becoming old-school, Thirst’s content visibility features help you to deliver personalised learning experiences in the workplace and empower your employees to learn in ways that match their needs, preferences, and skill levels.

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