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Are you struggling to maintain a safe and inclusive learning environment while ensuring every piece of content aligns with your organisation’s L&D goals?

We feel you! 🙋‍

That’s why L&D admins can now take complete control of their learning platform with Thirst.

✅ Review and moderate user-generated content
🔓 Maintain a safe and inclusive environment
🌱 Create a positive learning experience that fosters trust and accountability within your learning community.

Harness User Reporting Power

Thirst’s content moderation feature goes beyond admin control by empowering learners themselves.

With the ability to report inappropriate or irrelevant content, learners become active participants in shaping their learning community.

Thirst cultivates a sense of ownership and responsibility among users, promoting a culture of collaboration and respect. This feedback loop strengthens your learning community, making it a vibrant and engaging space for growth.

Create a Safe, Engaging, and Learning Environment.

One of the most significant advantages of Thirst is the ability to quickly review and remove inappropriate content – safeguarding your learners from potentially offensive or irrelevant material.

By swiftly addressing inappropriate content, Thirst fosters trust and ensures that learners can focus on their growth journey without distractions, and you can be confident that they’re accessing high-quality resources that fuel their career development.

From seamless administrative control to empowering users to report content, Thirst encourages active participation, collaboration, and accountability.

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