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Bettie PorterL&D Manager

“A learning platform like Thirst is a must-have. The ability to let the learner lead the way and discover helpful content in the flow of work through microlearning content is more aligned with the modern way people learn. If you don’t have a learning platform like Thirst, you’re really compromising the effectiveness of your L&D.”

Owen HarperDirector of Learning and Development

“Thirst is a game changer for L&D. Being able to share tacit knowledge quickly has been a real focus for our organisation. Thirst has given us the ability to onboard, upskill and plug skills gaps faster than ever and through the reporting and insights we can visibility demonstrate the impact the platform is having across every team.”

Lorna FrancisHead of Learning

"Thirst has completely changed learning across our org. The learning content is personalised to each learner, creating a unique learning journey that’s based on what they want to learn in order to progress in their careers. Having the ability to create and curate content easily has also helped to keep our teams engaged with the learning content the platform delivers."

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