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Have you ever struggled to engage your employees in learning and development initiatives?

Maybe you’ve tried offering a variety of courses and resources but still find that many employees are disinterested or unmotivated. 🤦

Well, we have some exciting news! 🙌

Thirst has just launched a new feature called learning journeys, and it has the power to revolutionise the way you approach L&D.⚡

With Thirst’s learning journeys, you can create personalised, engaging, and effective learning experiences that will capture your employees’ attention and help them achieve their career goals. 🚀

Are you ready to discover the power of great learning journeys in L&D? Let’s dive in!👇

Personalised Learning Journeys to Boost Employee Development

Personalised learning journeys increase employee engagement and motivation, as learners feel more invested in their development.

They can also improve knowledge retention and application, as learners are more likely to remember and apply information that is relevant to their job and interests.

You can now create custom learning paths for your employees, based on their individual needs and goals. This means that each learner will receive content and activities that are tailored to their skill level, learning style, and interests. 🤩

You can then use data insights from Thirst to continuously refine and improve their personalised learning journeys, making them even more effective over time. 📈

Unlock Content Based on User Progress to Improve Learning Outcomes

You now have the ability to improve learning outcomes by preventing learners from becoming overwhelmed or confused by advanced topics before they are ready.

Learners can only access new content and activities after completing previous ones, ensuring that they have a solid foundation before moving on to more advanced topics – creating a sense of achievement and progress, as learners can see their growth and development over time. 💪

Customisable Learning Journeys for Every Learner

Promote a culture of continuous learning and development, as employees feel that their individual needs and goals are being taken into account.

Use Thirst to create learning journeys that are truly personalised for each employee, surfacing relevant and useful information that is directly applicable to their jobs. ✅

Thirst’s learning journeys feature is highly customisable, allowing you to create unique learning experiences for every learner.

This means that different learners within the same organisation can receive content and activities that are tailored to their specific roles, responsibilities, and learning objectives.

Track Progress and Get Data Insights to Optimise Learning Journeys

Tracking progress and getting data insights can help you to continuously improve their learning journeys, making them more effective and engaging for your employees.

Thirst’s powerful data insights can also be used to inform strategic decisions around learning and development, ensuring that you are making the most of your resources,  driving business outcomes and helping to demonstrate the value of L&D programs to key stakeholders.  📊

If you want to create engaging and effective learning experiences for your people. Thirst’s learning journeys can help to drive employee engagement, motivation, and development, while also delivering measurable business outcomes.

Ready to learn more? Book a demo today and learn how Thirst can accelerate your learning culture. 👇

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