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Make Collaborative Learning Your Company’s Superpower

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Learner Engagement

Create a vibrant learning community where employees actively participate, collaborate, and contribute their unique perspectives.

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Knowledge Retention

Stop skill decay by providing opportunities for learners to reinforce their knowledge and sharpen skills for the long term.

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Training Costs

On-demand learning that connects teams anytime, anywhere and reduces the need for in-house training programmes.

supercharge social learning

Skyrocket Social Learning

Tap into the collective knowledge and experience of your people. Thirst takes peer-to-peer learning to the next level and enables learners to actively share ideas, contribute their insights, and learn from each other.

Faster Tacit Knowledge Sharing Icon
Faster Knowledge Sharing

Unlock the knowledge that’s in your organisation. Thirst lets your people exchange ideas, tips, and lessons to solve problems faster and make better business decisions.

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Like. Share. Comment.

Let learners show appreciation for what they find useful and interesting, easily share knowledge with others, and engage in vibrant discussions.

Connect, Follow and Learn

Office, remote or hybrid, Thirst fuels professional growth by giving learners the ability to connect with each other, expand their knowledge, build relationships, and learn from their experiences.

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Collaborative Content Creation

Tap into a wealth of wisdom, expertise, and the creativity of your people to develop exceptional user-led learning materials.

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Data-Driven Learning Experiences

Get insights into what learners love, share most and sparks curiosity. Then use Thirst to optimise learning experiences, tailor content to learner preferences, and unlock maximum engagement.

connect, follow and learn with a social learning platform

“The power of Thirst and the ability it has to deliver personalised content to each learner has meant that since we launched the platform, we have consistently maintained 98% learner engagement.”

Tim Payne

CEO, Clarus WMS

Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at our most commonly asked questions.

What is a collaborative learning?

Learning is often more effective and engaging when it occurs through social interaction and cooperation rather than in isolation. Collaborative learning enables your learners to work together in groups or teams to achieve a common learning goal or objective and creates a culture of knowledge sharing.

What is a social learning platform?

A social learning platform like Thirst creates a dynamic learning environment where learners can connect, engage, and learn from each other. Thirst helps you to build a learning community, promote active participation, and enhance the learning experience by using the collective knowledge, experiences, and perspectives of the people within your organisation to increase learner engagement, and make knowledge transfer and retainment easier.

What is a collaborative learning platform?

A collaborative learning platform promotes active learning, critical thinking, problem-solving, and peer-to-peer interaction. They can be particularly useful when you have learners based around the country (or globe!) or when you need a blended learning approach (in-person and online learning)

How does Thirst ensure the quality of shared content and discussions?

Learners can flag inappropriate content themselves and admins can easily monitor and review user-generated content, ensuring adherence to company guidelines and values.

What are the benefits of collaborative learning for my organisation?

Collaborative learning offers opportunities for learners to develop essential skills such as communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and critical thinking. Working together on tasks and projects hones these skills and prepares learners for real-world situations that require collaboration and cooperation.