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Our Customers Can’t Imagine Life Without Thirst

“Thirst’s user personalisation of the content surfaced to each colleague is superb, taking into account their own skills and interests and delivering content that they actually want to consume and will accelerate their development and careers.”

Tim Payne

CEO, Clarus WMS

Are these challenges limiting your onboarding experience?

Cookie Cutter Onboarding Process

First impressions matter and you need to unleash potential and engage new employees from day one. Your onboarding is much more than being consumed by paperwork, it needs a human, personal touch.

Getting to Grips with Company Culture

Your team are hungry for the skills and knowledge they need to stand out and level up their careers — instead of getting lost in the reshuffle.

Onboarding Remote Employees

Employees scattered everywhere? With remote work primed to be the future of work, it's vital that new hires don’t become isolated and quickly become part of your workplace culture.


You’re Not Alone



of companies with a strong onboarding program retain their new hires.



of new hires that go through a structured onboarding process are more productive in their first two months.



New employees that experience great onboarding are 18x more committed to their employer.

Make First Impressions Count with Thirst

Personalised Onboarding Programmes

Thirst is designed to adapt to the specific needs of your company and its new hires, ensuring that each employee receives the resources, knowledge and skills they need to be successful in their role.

Retain Top Talent

Build loyalty and get new employees up to speed and performing, fast. Thirst enables you to create an onboarding experience that helps new hires get to grips with company culture and sets the foundations for future success

Measure Your Impact

Easily track how new hires are performing and the impact they are having across the business and show the true value of your onboarding programmes.

A Few Features L&D Pros Love

AI-Guided Personalised Learning

Give new hires a competitive edge with a personal learning hub that delivers in-context, high-value content recommendations and actions that accelerate time-to-productivity.

Employee Engagement

Deliver differentiated, immersive onboarding experiences that capture new hire attention and accelerate community learning from day one.

Skills Intelligence

Turn new hires into top performers with data-backed insights and personalised learning journeys. Pinpoint skill gaps, then enable your people to continuously refine their craft.

Outstanding Onboarding Content

Give new hires the knowledge they need to achieve exceptional performance, when they need it, with a single learning hub for accessing self-surface learning materials that deliver impactful, long-lasting experiences.


Connect All Your L&D Tools

Stay plugged into the tools you use every day with integrations from Thirst.

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