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Flexible Pricing That
Grows with Your Organisation.

No hidden fees or charges – whether you’re just getting started with a learning platform or you’re looking to level up you’re learning culture, there’s a plan for you.

With your learners, we’ve got the right plan for you.

For Teams Getting Started


per user/year
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Everything you need to get started:

  • Online Thirst knowledge base
  • Unlimited storage
  • AI recommendation engine
  • Reporting, insights & trends
For Growing Teams



per user/year
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Everything in Core, plus:

  • Dedicated customer success manager
  • Integration with your current systems
  • Personalised onboarding support
  • Fully customisable platform
  • FREE implementation & set-up
  • FREE migration
  • Unlimited hosting & SSO
  • Minimum 100 users
For Large Teams



per user/year
Custom Pricing
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Everything in Growth, plus:

  • User groups & permissions
  • Fully customisable certifications
  • Dedicated technical support
  • Real-time chat
  • Customised reporting & analytics dashboards
  • Tailored onboarding & training
  • Minimum 5000 users

Customers That Now Level-Up Learner Engagement

Get Access to Powerful Features That Create a Culture of Continuous Learning

AI Personalisation Icon

Based on individual learner data and behaviour. Content aligns with learners’ interests, skill levels, and goals.

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Learners can comment, tag, upvote and share knowledge with their teammates instantly.

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User Roles
& Groups

Manage access to content, features and responsibilities.

Learning Campaigns Icon

Create automated campaigns that increase awareness, supercharge engagement and drive positive behaviour.

User Generated Content Icon
User Generated

Let learners lead the way with a more relevant, engaging, and collaborative learning experience.

L&D Insights Icon

From compliance reporting to tracking upskilling, all your L&D data is in one single source of truth.

Skills Platform Icon

Track skills development and assess readiness for new roles and responsibilities.

Flag Learning Content icon

Quickly review and remove inappropriate content – safeguarding your learners.

Why Industry Experts
Choose Thirst.

Increased Staff Retention

Activation Rate

Employee Engagement


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Learning Experience Platform?

It’s a learning platform that uses the individual skills, interests and interactions of each learner to create personalised learning experiences that are completely unique to them.

This personalisation is what makes LXPs so powerful and effective for learners as they are directly involved in the process of curating the learning material they want to consume.

How do I choose an LXP?

If you decide that an LXP is the right fit to drive your learning culture forward, then there are essential features that you need to look out for:

  • Intuitive, customisable and user-friendly dashboards 
  • Personalised recommendations 
  • Skills engine 
  • Social learning and collaboration 
  • Fast access to exceptional learning content 
  • Encourages user-generated content 
  • Detailed insights and powerful analytics
  • Mobile optimised

LXP or LMS? What’s the difference?

LXPs like Thirst are less about compliance and all about user-led learning. Using powerful AI, machine learning, skills engine and social engagement to help L&D teams to create exceptional learning experiences that put learners in the driving seat, giving them the ability to consume the content they need to level up and share that knowledge quickly across an organisation.

What are the benefits of using an LXP?

Learning Experience Platforms reflect the way that technology is changing our learning habits and behaviours….

  • From Individual to Social Learning
  • Personalisation Journeys, Not Mandatory Training
  • Empower Collaboration & Tacit Knowledge Sharing
  • Skills, Skills and More Skills…

Organisations across the world are rethinking skill building and with good reason…it’s the best way to reduce the widening skills gap.

Modern LXPs like Thirst, recognise this changing trend and put skills-based learning at the centre of the platform.

Does Thirst accept SCORM files?

Regardless of the file format (SCORM. PDF, Google Docs, video and audio), all training materials can be uploaded to the Thirst learning platform and assigned to your learners instantly by creating learning pathways.

Do you support single-sign-on (SSO)?

Yes! with SSO (Single sign-on) sign-in method you can allow users to log into one Thirst and access all of their learning from one place.

What file types does Thirst support?

SCORM, PDFs, MP3, webpages, MP4, YouTube, weblinks, questions, articles, quizzes.

Using Thirst’s powerful and intuitive upload facility, your team can easily share their knowledge no matter the type or format. And with simple drag and drop, the content will be shared immediately with the whole organisation. 

Can Thirst be used on any device?

Thirst works anywhere and everywhere and is compatible with both android and iOS for a true on-the-go learning experience.

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