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what is blended learning and why could it transform my traditional learning course?

There’s no doubt that eLearning is quickly becoming one of the key players in the education world – but it’s by no means a one-size-fits-all approach. For many businesses, online learning has become the sole way they teach their staff new skills, thanks to its cost-effectiveness, flexibility and accessibility. However, for some industries, it doesn’t […]

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how to make eLearning more human in an increasingly virtual world

There’s no question that eLearning is a whole other ball game when it comes to education – from communicating virtually with mentors to often studying from the comfort of home, instead of school or college, the experience can be almost alien to learners, particularly if they are older. For some students, working virtually can be […]

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turning unsure learners into confident go-getters through eLearning

Building confidence in your students should be something that is integral to your strategy when designing an eLearning course, particularly if learners have less face-to-face time with mentors. Why? Because, while it’s one thing to get people to sign up to your online course, you also need to make sure that, once there, they’re getting […]

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creating eLearning content in an age of empowered learners

In fact, the age of forced learning for employees is gone and the age of empowered learners is here; today, we’re seeing a drive towards people wanting to do better and be better at their jobs, or even try new things, in a bid to boost job satisfaction and career progression. And, not only have […]

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do people learn better in their own time or at work?

Whether you learn better through textbooks, images or one-on-one with a mentor, each person subconsciously approaches the way they absorb information differently. But what about when and where that person is learning – do environment and time factor? Training is a highly-valued tool for both employers and employees and, without it, businesses would be forced […]

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using audio to enhance the eLearning experience

Do you ever feel like you understand something better when someone explains a concept to you, even though you’ve already read about it? It’s so important not to underestimate the importance of using audio in eLearning and how it can open the door to understanding in a way that sometimes text just can’t. From building […]

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multi-device eLearning is easier to create than you think

We now use our smartphones and tablets for pretty much all web-based services, and eLearning is no exception. Users expect that level of freedom to complete their courses as and when they can – regardless of whether they are in the office, sat at home, or in between meetings. Developing a single course that works […]

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key skills needed by learning professionals today

In years gone by, some skills might have been delivering courses face to face, booking trainers over the phone, or planning an induction course. Today, we might still have to do that, but we are also expected to be able to handle a whole host of new digital technologies and come up with solutions which […]

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choosing an eLearning authoring tool in 2020

1.     How is your course going to get to your LMS? Let’s start with your learners. What type of LMS are your learners going to be accessing your eLearning content on? Most Learning Management Systems allow you to upload SCORM files, and most authoring tools allow you to export to SCORM, in which case […]

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