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Learning Technologies Conference and Exhibition is just around the corner… The BIGGEST date in the L&D calendar.  🗓️

This year’s world-renowned technology-supported learning conference will once again host more than 200 FREE L&D seminars, 200-plus exhibitors, cutting-edge learning technologies, learning solutions, hands-on features, innovation, and the best practices destined to shape the L&D space as the future unfolds. 😲

Get ready to experience the milestone 25th anniversary of the conference, an event that will mark what may well prove to be a momentous year for the storied relationship between learning and technology.

When is Learning Technologies 2024?

Sooner than you think!

Learning Technologies Conference and Exhibition will be held on 17th – 18th April 2024.

In fact, if you want to get in on the action and join more than 10,000 attendees from 50 different countries, booking is now open.

Where is Learning Technologies 2024?

Learning Technologies will be held at ExCeL London, Royal Victoria Dock, 1 Western Gateway, London, E16 1XL. The 100-acre site is situated on the northern quay of the Royal Victoria Dock, situated between Canary Wharf and London City Airport.

Reasons to attend Learning Technologies

If you’re sitting on the fence, unsure if you want to attend Learning Technologies, below we’ve listed a few reasons why the event will be beneficial to your career.

✅ Learn about new innovations and what’s happening in the L&D space

Attendees of Learning Technologies will be able to learn about everything that’s happening in the L&D space. Better still, you’ll be one of the first to view and experience new products and innovations and learn about the latest trends and best practices.

✅ Networking opportunities

Let’s start with one of the more obvious reasons to attend Learning Technologies: the opportunity to meet and connect with like-minded individuals. From connecting with educators to seasoned L&D professionals from global industries, Learning Technologies is the ideal opportunity to make valuable contacts.

✅ A wide range of exhibitors and their innovative products and services

Learning Technologies 2024 will feature more than 200 exhibitors showcasing their products and services. From e-learning platforms and online courses to virtual reality and gamification, attendees have the opportunity to experience the features and benefits of products and services at the cutting edge of L&D innovation.

✅ Attend informative seminars and workshops

In addition to the exhibitors attending Learning Technologies, the conference gives attendees the opportunity to attend a range of seminars and workshops covering a broad range of areas in the L&D space. Sessions are led by industry experts and offer valuable insights into the latest trends, best practices, and case studies relevant to all professionals.

✅ Participate in interactive demonstrations

Come along to Learning Technologies and you’ll have the opportunity to get involved with a range of seminars and workshops covering a wide range of topics within the learning technology sphere. All workshops are led by industry experts and offer valuable insights into the latest trends and best practices, whilst sharing case study examples.

✅ Learn from real-life experiences

Another stellar reason to attend the conference is that you’ll be able to draw from the real-life experiences of professionals and understand how technologies in the L&D space are being leveraged to increase engagement and improve learning outcomes.   

✅ Be inspired

It might be one of the lesser documented reasons why people attend the conference, but the exhibition is a great source of inspiration for L&D professionals, educators, and learners, giving them a renewed sense of vigour, and helping organisations to increase their engagement and improve learning outcomes.

6 speakers sessions you can’t afford to miss this year

With a wealth of seminars and workshops to choose from, deciding how to maximise your time when attending Learning Technologies can be a tough decision. 🤔

Fortunately, we’ve got the lowdown on which speakers you should absolutely not miss. Keep reading below and start to plan your visit.

Day 1


🗣️ Informal Learning (Conference Theatre 4, 11:15 to 12:25)

Emily Cosgrove and Sara Hope, Co-Founders of The Conversation Space

Learn how to resurrect the lost art of conversation in the workplace and stand firm in the face of relentless technological onslaught of innovation. Explore how meaningful dialogue is essential to both face-to-face and virtual conversing.

Join speakers Emily Cosgrove and Sara Hope as they discuss how to optimise workplace conversations and learn, innovate, and affect organisational change.

🗣 Wow Your Learners: The Secret to Unlocking Learner Engagement (Theatre 7, 14:45 to 15:15)

Fred Thompson, CEO at Thirst

Delve into the secrets to unlocking learner engagement as Fred Thompson addresses the challenge of learner disengagement in modern organisations, highlighting its profound impact on learning and development efforts.

Explore common reasons behind learner disengagement and gain insights into the innovative methods, psychology and technologies that will re-engage your workforce and help you supercharge your learning culture.

🗣 ️Story Telling, (Conference Theatre 2, 13:55 to 15:05)

Hadiya Nuriddin, Senior Learning Strategist at Duets Learning

Discover how to harvest the necessary skills and techniques to create powerful data-driven stories that captivate audiences and drive change within organisations. Learn how to identify key data insights and craft narratives that convey those insights in a clear, concise, and compelling way.

Join Hadiya Nuriddin as she unpacks business storytelling, explaining how it can help to drive buy-in and influence decision-making as well as how to create engaging narratives that inspire action and change. 📖

🗣 ️Learning Personalisation, (Conference Theatre 2, 15:50 to 17:00)

Peter Manniche Riber, Head of Digital Learning at Novo Nordisk and Tiffany Abinsay, Head of Digital Learning at Citi

Explore the transformative power of technology in personalising learning experiences. Learn the range of approaches, from data mining to machine learning and generative AI and their capabilities of providing personalised learning and career path recommendations. 💻 🖥️ 📱

Join Peter Manniche Riber and Novo Nordisk and gain insights into the strategic implementation of these technologies in learning frameworks. Understand the intricacies of data utilisation, balancing standardisation with the need for adaptable and responsive learning content.

Day 2


Learning Impact, (Conference Centre 4, 11:15 to 12:25)

Alice Thompson, Learning Partner at Marks and Spencer

Fran Butler, Director Global Learning Effectiveness at IHG Hotels & Resorts

Tayn Pavelic, Vice President, Global Leadership and Corporate Learning at IHG Hotels & Resorts at IHG Hotels & Resorts

Learn about the transformative effect that L&D practitioners can have on organisations, especially during a tighter economy and technological evolution. From offering solutions to business issues to bolstering departmental impact instrumental to ongoing success, L&D has the potential to revolutionise operations.

Join speakers Alice Thompson, Learning Partner – Marks and Spencer, Fran Butler, Director of Global Learning Effectiveness – IHG Hotels & Resorts, and Tayn Pavelic, Vice President, Global Leadership and Corporate Learning at IHG Hotels & Resorts as they demonstrate the value of L&D moving from transactional to strategic alignment.

Collaborative Learning (Conference Centre 4, 13:55 to 15:05)

Kinga Petrovai, Learning Consultant & Podcaster – The Art & Science of Learning and Lynn Rogers, Performance & Colleague Development Manager, Virgin Money

Hear how being intentional in setting up collaborations fosters strong learning without the need for L&D to produce content, bottleneck or even hinder learning.

Join speakers Kinga Petrovai and Lynn Rogers as they discuss how best to share information in a positive way, including the benefits of having daily conversations and collaborations and how this builds stronger community bonds and amplifies the impact of learning resources whilst fostering a culture of continuous learning within the organisation.

What are the conference themes this year?

This year’s Learning Technologies conference will highlight several key themes intrinsic to the L&D space. We’ve outlined these themes below.

️Skills, talent, and learning

The conference will discuss how organisations can better understand their current cross-department skills and how to align talent and learning with business goals, focusing on how L&D can boost organisational skills and ultimately performance.

🔮 Future L&D

Learn how to design and implement a long-term L&D strategy, one that optimises department output and performance, while organisations are in the process of change.

🚀 Professional development

Discover individual key skills and attitudes that when cultivated will accelerate individual careers, whilst remaining curious and motivated in an ever-evolving organisational environment.

👩‍💻 Tools and technologies

Understand how to cultivate a high-performance learning environment, one that maximises all available tools and technologies to achieve both short and long-term goals.

🤖 AI, data, and analytics

Find out how to leverage activity metrics to better understand, interpret, and report on data work and optimise business resources.

🧠 Learning experience design

From user experience to content, discover everything you need to know about the individual and organisational impact and evolution of design in the L&D space.

🔄 Programme implementation

Hear from people who have successfully implemented a L&D programme within their organisations. Learn about their challenges, pain points and pitfalls. Benefit from their experience and develop a system for success.

Who is the Learning Technologies Conference and Exhibition for?

Learning Technologies has something for everyone in the L&D space.

From organisations looking to optimise their performance to seasoned L&D professionals, it’s a chance to meet new people, connect with existing colleagues, and gain valuable insights that’ll revolutionise any organisation. 🙌

Benefit from dynamic speaking sessions delivered by some of the most notable names in L&D. Embark on a journey of discovery by viewing more than 200 exhibitions showcasing the latest technologies, learning solutions, and innovations destined to shape L&D for years to come. 👍

Absorb a wealth of digital content with webinars, and more across diverse topics like delivering outcomes in a changing world and how AI-powered adaptive learning is essential to business alignment and L&D efficiency.

What pass should I get?

There are two conference passes you can choose from. 🎟️

The Premium Conference Pass is currently for sale at the discounted price of £1345 + VAT if you book now.

Experience 30+ conference sessions over two days. Access session recordings and presentations. Visit exhibitions on either or both days. Meet speakers and facilitators. Enjoy a complimentary breakfast each morning. Gain admission to one interactive premium event during the year, and much more.

The Standard Conference Pass is also currently for sale at the discounted price of £1245 + VAT if you book now Experience 30+ conference sessions over two days. Access session recordings and presentations. Visit the exhibitions on both days. Enjoy a networking drinks reception at the end of day one. Get lunch and refreshments on both days.

Don’t delay, get a ticket today whilst discounts last.

Come find us at Learning Technologies 2024

We’re always excited to connect with new friends who are just as excited about levelling up learner engagement as we are.

If this is your first year attending or you’ve been attending the event for years, reach out!

We’re happy to show you the impact our game-changing Learning Platform can make on your workplace learning culture in 2024 – and beyond. Head over to our Learning Technologies 2024 page and see what we’ve got planned for this year’s exhibition.

Let us know if you want to meet up! The Thirst team can be found at Stand K22, with live demos, exclusive giveaways and a first look at our latest  features. 👀



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