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We’ve just launched our awesome Google Single Sign-On feature to give L&D admins a heightened level of security for all your Thirst data.

Your employees can sign up and log into Thirst with their Google account to save you time and provide added peace of mind.

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Lock Up Your Learning Data

Google Single Sign-On adds an extra layer of protection, ensuring only authorised users can access your learning platform.

Say goodbye to remembering countless passwords or fearing sneaky hackers.

With this feature release, you can focus on what really matters – delivering high-quality learning content without worries.

Access in an Instant

With SSO, your learners can now log in with a single click and dive straight into their courses, lessons, and quizzes.

No more fumbling around with login forms or wasting precious time, giving learner engagement and productivity a boost.

Simplified User Management

Effortlessly grant or revoke access to your learning platform using Thirst’s user management tools.

No need to juggle multiple systems or remember complex user lists; everything is seamlessly integrated into one place…user management is a breeze! 

Streamlined User Onboarding & Offboarding

Whether you’re welcoming new employees or bidding farewell, Thirst makes the onboarding and offboarding process hassle-free!

Single Sign-On streamlines these procedures, letting you focus on building a vibrant learning community and happier learners.

Enhanced security, instant access, simplified user management, and streamlined onboarding and offboarding are all easier with Thirst.

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