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Our Customers Can’t Imagine Life Without Thirst

“Thirst’s user personalisation of the content surfaced to each colleague is superb, taking into account their own skills and interests and delivering content that they actually want to consume and will accelerate their development and careers.”

Tim Payne

CEO, Clarus WMS

Are these challenges harming your people development?

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Lack of Personalisation

One-size-fits-all training programs are no longer effective and your team struggle to provide personalised learning experiences tailored to individual needs, preferences, and skill gaps.

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Learner Disengagement

In the age of remote work and digital distractions maintaining learner engagement is harder than ever.

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Skills Gap Identification and Bridging

You’re finding it tough to accurately assess the skills needs of your workforce and design targeted L&D programs to bridge these gaps.


You’re Not Alone



of employees would stay at a company longer if it invested in their career development.



That’s how much disengaged employees cost companies up to per year in lost productivity.



Employees who do not receive adequate training are 12 times more likely to consider leaving their jobs.

Make Your People Development Perfect

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Personalised Learning at Scale

Deliver targeted content, resources, and learning paths to meet the unique requirements of each learner.

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Anytime, Anywhere Learning

Create a culture of continuous learning and development as employees develop at their own pace, whether in the office, at home, or on the go.

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Collaborative Learning Experiences

Empower your team to connect, share insights, and foster peer learning and unlocking the wealth of tacit knowledge and expertise within your workforce.

A Few Features L&D Pros Love

Learning Spaces

L&D teams are no longer shackled by the constraints of traditional Learning Management Systems (LMS).

Instead, you have the freedom to innovate and experiment, creating bespoke learning experiences that captivate and inspire your learners.

The possibilities are limitless, allowing organisations to move away from the mundane and embrace a learning culture that truly engages and empowers.

Adaptive Learning Paths

Adaptive learning technology adjusts the learning path and content based on individual learner progress, performance, and preferences. This personalised approach ensures that each employee receives tailored learning experiences that address their unique needs and skill gaps, maximizing learning effectiveness and engagement.

Collaborative Learning

Thirst provides collaborative learning spaces such as discussion forums, social learning communities, and project-based learning environments. These features enable L&D teams to build a culture of peer learning and knowledge sharing among employees, facilitating collaboration, idea exchange, and collective problem-solving.

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Thirst offers robust analytics and reporting tools that provide L&D professionals with valuable insights into learner engagement, progress, and performance. With real-time data on course completion rates, assessment scores, and learning behaviours, L&D teams can track the effectiveness of training programs, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions to optimise people development initiatives.


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