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What makes a business successful is not potluck. 🎱

It’s not being in the right place at the right time.

It’s not having a brand, a message that stands out from the crowd.

It’s not just innovation or heritage. Market-leading products or services. A reputation that’s known far and wide, one that inspires, builds trust and precedes the business.

It’s not just knowing your customers, delivering what they need. It’s vision and values. History and knowledge.

A business that succeeds is one that demonstrates a wide range of attributes. All of which add up to something that everyone believes in.

Trust. Confidence. Authority. Prowess. And more. So much more.

One thing’s for sure, 👉 the more you know, the more capable you are. And the more chance you have to achieve even the loftiest ambitions.

It’s about learning, evolving, growing, and achieving.

Why Is a Learning Culture Important?

Foster a learning culture and you’ll build a solid business-wide foundation. One that gives everyone, from office interns to directors, the opportunity, and the environment they need to thrive.

Better still, businesses with learning cultures are renowned for having greater job satisfaction, improved employee engagement and stronger staff retention rates.

They even attract high-calibre, growth-minded talent in all areas. People want to work at businesses with learning cultures. Why? As the business evolves, so too will you.

It’s no surprise that top companies are almost five times more likely than lower performers to have extensive learning cultures.

High performers are twice as likely to praise learning functions as a way of meeting business goals.

Then there’s customer satisfaction.

Everyone’s improved mentality makes for better interpersonal relationships between customers and colleagues. More invested employees.

Remember, the more invested your employees are, the more capable they are of taking the best possible care of their clients. 🙌

Okay. Let’s assume that right now, your business is flourishing.

But what about the next 12-months? Five or ten years? Will it still be the same.

Well, nurture a learning culture through training and mentorship, and you’ll have a steady pipeline of capable employees.

The result? The best opportunity for enjoying continued prosperity – a business filled with strong, capable people at every level, across every department.

Benefits of a Great Learning Culture

As you can see, there are obvious benefits to having a strong learning culture in your business. Benefits that both businesses and employees can reap. But what does this look like in day-to-day working life?

Well, first there’s the 👉 growth mindset. 🧠

This comes from the learning experience, challenging perspectives, being curious and seeking new and better ways of doing things.

Employees that buy into the learning culture will want to continually increase their skills, and hone their craft. They’re adaptable. Can solve problems. Help your business build for a better tomorrow.

Alongside the growth mindset, a learning culture will encourage trust and collaboration.

It will promote innovation and productivity. Create an environment that propels psychological strength.💪

An environment where calculated risks are made, candour is welcomed, where employees can ask questions, innovate and be progressive in all they do.

Building on that point, a strong learning culture will emphasise the importance of open communication and positive feedback throughout the organisation. This improves talent development. ✨

Remember, a better culture starts with better conversations. 🗣️

The last benefit we’ll cover is 👉 the togetherness a strong learning culture cultivates.

Businesses are made of teams. People working together towards a common goal.

Successful businesses know how to instil camaraderie with knowledge-sharing events. Everyone feels better when they get a new skill down cold. They get an endorphin rush. And a high-five only enhances that feeling, right?

Lunch-and-learns. Sharing communities. Designated development days. Project completion reviews. They all help employees to share their experiences, learn, grow and achieve together. 🔥

How to Create a Great Learning Culture

When you break it down, there are three separate levels of a culture.

There’s the individual learning culture. The key to success is having opportunities, access and time to create a growth mindset.

There’s the team learning culture. The key to success is developing psychological strength through challenge and reflection.

Lastly, there’s the organisation’s learning culture. The key to success is having an open dialogue, one where everyone feels like they’re all working together towards a common goal.

So, how do you create a great culture – or even improve – a culture of learning? You do the below: 👇

1. Have Learning Be a Business Value

 Learning only works when employees buy into it. This means that leadership has to support it. One way to do this is to make learning a defined core value. One that guides decisions and demonstrates a commitment to providing the necessary resources and support to help employees develop their careers.

2. Outline a Culture of Learning from the Very Start

Get off on the right foot by showcasing a learning culture in the hiring process. Discuss learning commitments with potential candidates at the interview stage. Those candidates who are the most receptive will obviously demonstrate a growth mindset. These are the candidates to attract – and who’ll eventually make you more attractive as an employer.

3. Be a Leader

Decision-makers at all levels are influencers. Promote dedicated and continuous learning, and this ethos will filter down into your teams. Set clear goals. Share the training you’ve undertaken. Be willing to listen to feedback. Admit and reflect on any mistakes made.

4. Promote Personalised Leadership Plans

Generic leadership plans are less effective than personalised ones. This means employees will be less engaged with your learning culture. Set tailored goals for different employees. A goal could be to improve time management. Another goal could be to take ownership of more decisions. Whatever the goal, it should be tailored to an individual employee’s performance.

5. Tailored Career Coaching

Businesses that offer one-on-one career coaching help employees to better identify and achieve their ambitions. Career coaching is an effective way of promoting self-directed learning. Employees learn to seek and find available resources and be accountable for their own career progress.

6. Build an Environment That Makes It Easy for Employees to Learn

You could be a believer in self-directed learning or laud the designated mentor and mentee approach. You might have experienced great results in workshops led by decision-makers or personal coaching colleagues to help colleagues reach their full potential. Likewise, you might champion e-learning. 🖥️ What’s most important is that you build a supportive, learning environment. One rich in knowledge sharing and interaction. This way, it’s easy for employees to learn. This is a great way to future-proof your business.

7. Be Sure to Recognise and Reward Achievement

Rewards go a long way to supporting a learning culture. Recognition for a well-deserved achievement is welcomed by almost every single employee. It doesn’t have to be much, sometimes a bottle of wine or voucher card can go a long way to putting a smile 😊 on colleagues’ faces!

Bigger achievements might demand a bonus or even a salary increase. 💵 But whether an employee has passed an industry-specific exam or delivered stellar customer service to a leading account, recognising and rewarding this achievement will encourage further learning and development.

Accelerate Your Learning Culture with Thirst

If you want your business to thrive, you need to be good. Very good. Ideally, better than everyone else. You need to provide your people with learning experiences that will develop their careers. 🔥

Sounds like a challenge, right?

Well, it doesn’t have to be if you adopt a learning culture. A culture of growing, sharing successes and becoming stronger together. A culture where honesty and integrity are prized and teamwork essential.

Just imagine what you could achieve when you adopt a learning culture!

Ready to accelerate your learning culture with Thirst. Book a demo and learn how.


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