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Say GoodBye to One-Size-Fits-All Learning

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Get Personal

Powerful AI analyses individual learner preferences, skills, and progress to deliver personalised learning content and resources.

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Adaptive Learning

Thirst adapts to each learner and responds to their strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles with the content that works best for them.

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In the Flow

Peer-to-peer to tactic knowledge gives employees the information and skills precisely when needed to excel at their day-to-day tasks.

Personalised Learning Platform for L&D Teams

Empower, Engage and Elevate

Tailors learning experiences to each individual's preferences, interests, and skill levels. Thirst ignites learners' curiosity, captures their attention and inspires greater engagement and active participation across your organisation.

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Intelligent Content Recommendations

Maximise learning potential with curated content, skills and recommendations based on learner interests.

Adaptive Learning


Engage employees and improve knowledge retention with dynamic and personalised learning pathways tailored to career goals.

In the Flow Learning

Say hello to a more productive workforce that embraces continuous skill development. Thirst delivers contextual learning content and resources relevant to employees' job responsibilities, effortlessly weaving learning into their daily tasks.

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Collaborative Content Creation

Tap into a wealth of wisdom, expertise, and the creativity of your people to develop exceptional user-led learning materials.

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Competency & Gap


Thirst empowers L&D teams to conduct comprehensive competency assessments, analyse skill gaps, design personalised learning plans and create focused development opportunities.

In the flow learning

“The power of Thirst and the ability it has to deliver personalised content to each learner has meant that since we launched the platform, we have consistently maintained 98% learner engagement.”

Tim Payne

CEO, Clarus WMS

Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at our most commonly asked questions.

What is a personalised learning platform?

A personalised learning platform like Thirst uses advanced AI and machine learning to tailor learning experiences to individual learners based on their specific needs, preferences, and progress. The goal of a personalised learning platform is to drive better engagement by providing your learners with customised content and resources that are aligned with their career goals.

How does Thirst tailor personalised learning experiences to each learner?

Thirst uses advanced algorithms, machine learning and learner data to customise content, resources, and learning paths based on each individual’s preferences, skills, and learning objectives. This ensures a highly personalised and engaging learning journey for every learner.

Can Thirst adapt to different learning styles and preferences?

Absolutely! Thirst is an adaptive learning platform that supports various learning styles and preferences. Whether learners prefer visual, auditory, or hands-on learning, the platform offers diverse content formats, interactive exercises, quizzes and assessments to cater to different learning needs.

How does the platform support collaboration and social learning?

Thirst allows learners to connect, share knowledge, and engage in peer-to-peer learning experiences. This promotes a collaborative learning culture and enables faster tacot knowledge sharing across your organisation.