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key skills needed by learning professionals today

In years gone by, some skills might have been delivering courses face to face, booking trainers over the phone, or planning an induction course. Today, we might still have to do that, but we are also expected to be able to handle a whole host of new digital technologies and come up with solutions which […]

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choosing an eLearning authoring tool in 2020

1.     How is your course going to get to your LMS? Let’s start with your learners. What type of LMS are your learners going to be accessing your eLearning content on? Most Learning Management Systems allow you to upload SCORM files, and most authoring tools allow you to export to SCORM, in which case […]

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top tips for building a professional learning network

Swing back a hundred years and feeling empowered to share ideas, ask questions and seek knowledge was something frequently limited by distance, money and social barriers – but our reality couldn’t be any more different today. Particularly in the West, no matter gender, social position or political affiliation, the 20th Century saw children given free […]

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why social learning is taking online training to the next level

Social learning theory highlights that one of the most effective ways to learn is through watching, listening and doing; a blend of learning styles which together help us to better understand, retain and apply new knowledge to situations. That’s why, today, it’s becoming a crucial element of the eLearning experience, with new techniques bringing social […]

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improving efficiency and consistency across your elearning creation teams

Challenge 1: How do I enable my team to produce a consistent course experience?  You’ve designed the look and feel for the course, selected an appropriate colour theme and deduced the most accessible font for your user base. You’ve agreed on the colour for the text and how large the writing should appear.  Then… your […]

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measuring training progress online

An eLearning course is only as good as the results it produces. If users aren’t gaining anything from it, there’s a lot of hard work gone to waste…

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what is the difference between an LMS and an authoring tool?

Learning Management Systems (LMS), Virtual Learning Environments (VLE), authoring tools, content platforms…. At first glance, these different pieces of eLearning software can put you…

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3 learning theories to consider when creating eLearning

If you want to deliver a successful and engaging eLearning course, you need to keep in mind how users learn. Understanding the process in which people absorb information and retain…

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what is SCORM?

SCORM is the industry-recognised framework for education technology. Short for Shareable Content Object Reference Model, we can understand why you’d be confused! SCORM provides…

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