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The Learning and Skills Platform For a New Era of L&D.

Thirst is the next generation learning platform that delivers skill development, knowledge sharing and more personalised learning experiences at scale.


Next Generation Social Learning.

Tap into engagement-boosting features that turn your workforce into a megaphone for knowledge.

Live Events.

Create immersive virtual and hybrid learning experiences for your people, no matter where they are.

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Live Events
Engage, Connect & Collaborate.

Learners can win more likes, get chatty in comments, share knowledge and spark meaningful collaboration.

User-Generated Content That Inspires.

Empower learners to unleash their wisdom and create their own authentic content in seconds.

Learner Engagement Reimagined.

Say goodbye to ineffective learning tactics, overwhelming manual tasks, and compliance overload.

Celebrate with
Certificates & Badges.

Employees can share skills, badges, accomplishments, and enhance their career prospects.

Alerts &

Automated notifications and reminders for upcoming courses, assignments and events help employees stay on track and in the know.


Fast, relevant search and recommendations make it easy to find all of your company knowledge in the flow of work.

Learning Campaigns.

Let your people know about employee development programmes, new product launches and company happenings at scale.

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Quizzes that More Learners Take.

Engage, assess, and reinforce knowledge effortlessly and identify areas where learners need the most support.

Learn Anywhere, Anytime.

Employees can learn on their own schedules, whether they're at work, at home, or on the go to create a culture of continuous learning.

Learning for Everyone.

No employee gets left behind! Thirst is WCAG 2.1 AA Compliant, ensuring that everyone, regardless of ability, can access learning materials.

Learning Just Got Personal.

Thirst delivers a completely new way to personalise learning that blends machine learning and AI
to deliver the most relevant experience for any learning style.

Personalised Recommendations.

Learners get more of what they love with content recommendations that perfectly fit their learning style, skills and career goals.

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Your Learning Platform, Your Way.

Branding, colours, and layouts - customise everything to match your vibe and show off your company's personality.

Adaptive Learning Journeys.

Thirst figures out what each learner needs to develop and adjusts their learning journey automatically.

Create Content Faster.

Faster, smarter, and anything but harder! Whip up learning materials and courses in any format you like - from text to audio and watch the knowledge flow.

Supercharge Skill Development.

Retain talent, support career pathing, drive internal mobility and gain a competitive advantage.

Auto Skill Assignment.

Less admin, more L&D! Thirst automatically assigns skills by analysing your content, so you can focus on what matters most.

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Skill Development
Skills From Scratch.

Create and manage custom skills, tailoring Thirst precisely to your organisation’s unique goals and culture.

10,000+ Skills.

Take your upskilling and reskilling programmes to the next level with the BIGGEST skills engine in L&D.


Prove (and Improve) the ROI of your L&D with in-depth insights and gorgeous customised reports.

Create Custom Reports.

Get a rich and unique data set that’s rooted in learner interactions. Make better decisions about employee development by leveraging what your learners are doing.

Track & Celebrate Progress.

Get crystal clear visibility of employees' progress and celebrate their achievements.

Mind the Gap.

Identify skill gaps throughout your organisation and use the insights to create a more capable workforce.

Content Galore.

Get instant access to a wide range of expertly curated content for any learning style, covering diverse subjects and skills from the world’s most trusted content providers.

User Management Made Easy.

Deliver a personalised and effective learning experience while meeting compliance requirements and organisational goals.

User Roles

Regulate who accesses what, assign responsibilities, and ensure smooth platform management.


Save time and assign content to groups of users in one go. Learners can also share with a group by tagging them in.

Content Moderation

Decide who sees what, giving you complete control over the learning journey and creating a safe, productive environment.

Sign in, Simplified

With SSO, your Google account becomes the key to seamless learning. No more forgotten passwords, just quicker, smoother engagement.

Ways to Use Thirst

Everything you need to run your upskilling, internal mobility, career pathing, and retention programmes from one learning platform.

People Development

Unlock the full potential of your workforce with a strategic investment in the long-term success of your people.


Welcome new hires and say goodbye to old ones by offering easy access to training courses, policy documents, and compliance training.

Tacit Knowledge Sharing

Enable employees to document their expertise, experiences, and best practices. Reducing the risk of losing crucial knowledge when employees leave.

Upskilling & Reskilling

Create opportunities for growth and development and boost employee engagement, job satisfaction and retention.

New Product Training

Train sales and support teams quickly and effectively on the features and benefits, of the latest products and services.

Employee Wellbeing

Deliver resources and programs related to stress management, mental health, and work-life balance.