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The 2024 Workplace Learning Report by LinkedIn has just been released! 🙌

As expected, the report highlights the continued growth of AI, but it also includes new valuable insights and data to enhance your strategies in the year ahead and help you stay ahead of the curve.

The Thirst team has curated the key insights and takeaways from the latest edition of the annual report and put together our thoughts on how you can use them to drive your L&D efforts, so make sure to pay attention! 🤓

Top 5 L&D Focus Areas for 2024

In an era where skill-building is not just a perk but a necessity, aligning your learning programs to business goals takes centre stage for L&D pros for the second consecutive year.

However, a notable shift is emerging as career development catapults from ninth to fourth on the priority list.

The spotlight now turns towards understanding how supporting career growth can drive tangible business impact.

The top five focus areas are:

1️⃣ Aligning learning programs to business goals
2️⃣ Upskilling employees
3️⃣ Creating a culture of learning
4️⃣ Helping employees develop their careers
5️⃣ Improving employee retention

Top 5 L&D focus areas for 2024 - Workplace Learning Report 2024

AI Skills and Career Development Fuel Success

The report emphasises the close relationship between employee growth, driven by learning and career development, and organisational success.

Standout stats that underline this narrative:

🤖 4 in 5 individuals express a desire to enhance their proficiency in AI.

🎯 Learners who set career goals engage with learning FOUR TIMES MORE than those who don’t.

🧲 90% of organisations prioritise employee retention, with learning opportunities emerging as a key retention strategy.

The C-Suite Wants to Talk

As the importance of learning in the age of AI becomes increasingly evident, L&D pros will find themselves at the forefront of critical conversations about business impact.

The report indicates a strong inclination among global executives to either maintain or increase investment in L&D initiatives, including upskilling and reskilling efforts.

The Business Case for Learning is Clear

Evidence from the report highlights the relationship between a robust learning culture and business outcomes.

Companies creating a strong learning culture witness higher rates of retention, increased internal mobility, and a more robust management pipeline compared to their counterparts.

Large-Scale Upskilling Programs Continue to Lag

While the need for upskilling remains paramount, the execution of large-scale initiatives faces challenges.

Most initiatives aimed at reskilling hundreds or thousands of employees are still in the planning stages, with minimal progress measured in terms of success. 📉

Upskilling Programs Continue to Lag - Workplace Learning Report 2024

Career Goals Add Speed to Skill Building

The alignment of individual career aspirations with organisational objectives emerges as a catalyst for accelerated skill development.

Dynamic and tailored approaches to skill-building are pivotal in navigating the ever-changing professional landscape.

Gen Z Wants to Grow

Younger workers, particularly Gen Z, exhibit a strong desire for advancement and learning opportunities within their organisations.

Leveraging this passion for progress can be instrumental in attracting and retaining talent from this demographic.

As AI continues to reshape the workplace, the importance of human skills, or soft skills, becomes increasingly apparent.

L&D pros are urged to prioritise the development of interpersonal skills, presentation skills, problem-solving abilities, and people management skills to thrive in this new era.

Polish Your Human Skills for the Age of AI - Workplace Learning Report 2024

What Next

Armed with insights from the LinkedIn Learning 2024 Workplace Learning Report, you can take proactive steps towards creating a culture of continuous learning and growth within your organisation.

Key things to consider:

  • Are you aligning learning initiatives with overarching business goals?
  • Do you prioritise personalised career development pathways?
  • Is your organisation Investing in the development of both technical AND human skills?
  • Have you engaged in strategic conversations with the C-suite to demonstrate the value of investing in L&D?


LinkedIn’s 2024 Workplace Learning Report provide an array of valuable insights and takeaways for L&D pros to help them shape their strategies and stay ahead of the curve.

By staying up to date with the latest trends and continually adapting to changes in the industry, you can drive impactful results for your organisation.

Interested in reading the full report? ⬇️

Click here to down LinkedIn’s Workplace Learning Report 2024

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