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One of the biggest challenges in L&D is ensuring that the enthusiasm generated during an event doesn’t fizzle out once the session ends.

Many L&D teams grapple with maintaining learner engagement and reinforcing the lessons learned during workshops, coaching sessions, or summits.

Despite meticulously planning events that are educational and inspirational, the post-event follow-through often falls flat, leaving a gap that weakens the overall learning impact.

But what if there was a way to bridge this gap effortlessly and keep the momentum going? 🤔

Well, now there is!

Enter our latest feature…


‘Post Event Round-Up’.

Turn Pre-Event Hype into Post-Event Insights

With the ‘Post Event Round-Up’ feature, Thirst takes the guesswork out of your event follow-ups.

As soon as an event finishes and attendance is recorded, the post-event description automatically updates. Attendees, whether they RSVP-ed or attended, will receive a detailed recap straight to their inbox.  📨

This means no manual follow-up, no missed communications, and a continuous learning journey for your people.

Automated Magic

Imagine having a system that automatically sends out follow-up emails, ensuring your learners are reminded of key takeaways without any extra effort from your side.

Thirst’s ‘Post Event Round-Up’ makes this a reality.  🙌

Automating the post-event follow-up process frees up busy L&D teams to focus on designing impactful learning experiences rather than getting bogged down by boring admin tasks.

Post Event Round-Up doesn’t just save time; it enhances engagement by providing timely, relevant information that keeps the learning alive long after the event has ended.

Create events that ‘WOW’

Say goodbye to the post-event engagement struggle and hello to a new era of learning.

Now you can ensure your people are always in the loop and eager for more.

Got 2 Minutes?

If your organisation is suffering as a result of disengaged learners, then Thirst can help. 🔥

As an AI-powered learning platform, Thirst is empowering L&D teams big and small to level up learner engagement and create learning experiences designed for the modern learner.

Take the guided tour today and see Thirst in action.

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