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Managing internal company events can often feel like herding cats for L&D teams.

Coordinating schedules, tracking attendance, and ensuring everyone has the latest updates can quickly turn into a logistical nightmare. 😩

However, with Thirst’s new ‘Events Manager,’ you get everything you need to deliver the learning experiences your workforce has been waiting for.

Whether it’s a 5-person group coaching session, 50-member workshop, or 500-attendee product launch you can create, organise and deliver learning events effortlessly. 🙌

Plan, Run, and Analyse Your Event — All from One Place

Say goodbye to tedious event planning and ignite learner engagement with branded, fully customisable event calendars.

Whether it’s a one-time workshop or a recurring weekly meeting, our intuitive UI allows you to create and schedule events in a matter of seconds

Add the Events Calendar to your dashboard and give everyone in your company complete visibility of upcoming events and important dates at a glance, ensuring no event goes unnoticed.

Anticipate Turnout for Every Event

Remove the guesswork, ditch the spreadsheet and see who is attending in real-time.

When an RSVP is accepted, attendees’ avatars are displayed publicly for increased engagement and community building.

Learn Smarter, Not Harder

With Thirst, learners are always in the loop. Real-time alerts ensure that no one misses a moment.

Whether it’s a last-minute change in schedule or a new product launch, alerts keep your people in the know and engaged.

With Thirst’s Events Manager, L&D teams can finally say sayonara to event-related headaches and hello to a more efficient, connected, and engaging learning experience.

Got 2 Minutes?

If your organisation is suffering as a result of disengaged learners, then Thirst can help. 🔥

As an AI-powered learning platform, Thirst is empowering L&D teams big and small to level up learner engagement and create learning experiences designed for the modern learner.

Take the guided tour today and see Thirst in action.

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