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In the ever-evolving landscape of workplace learning, one constant challenge persists: engaging learners.

Studies reveal that up to 70% of employees are disengaged at work, with uninspiring learning platforms often cited as a contributing factor.

For L&D teams, this poses a daunting task as they strive to cultivate an environment where learning is not just a chore but a dynamic and enriching experience.

Enter Thirst’s latest innovation: ‘Spaces’.

It will transform your organisation’s approach to learning, offering limitless customisation and flexibility that’s tailored to the needs of both L&D teams and your workforce.

Transform the Way Your Company Learns

With Thirst’s ‘Spaces’, L&D teams now have the power to create personalised learning experiences like never before.

Whether it’s onboarding new hires, upskilling specific departments, or nurturing leadership development, the ability to customise dashboards ensures that every learner gets content relevant to their role and career growth.

Go Beyond What a Learning Platform Can Do

In L&D, relevance is key.

Spaces empowers L&D teams with granular control over dashboard visibility.

This means content can be precisely targeted to specific teams, groups, or even individual learners, ensuring that everyone receives the right information at the right time.

Whether it’s compliance training for a regulatory team or innovation workshops for R&D, this feature ensures that each learning experience is tailored to its intended audience.

Create the Ultimate Learning Experience

Creativity knows no bounds with Spaces.

L&D teams are no longer shackled by the constraints of traditional Learning Management Systems (LMS).

Instead, you have the freedom to innovate and experiment, creating bespoke learning experiences that captivate and inspire your learners.

The possibilities are limitless, allowing organisations to move away from the mundane and embrace a learning culture that truly engages and empowers.

L&D Reimagined

With the launch of Spaces, Thirst is not just redefining what learning platforms can be, but also reshaping the future of workplace learning itself.

By placing the power of customisation in the hands of L&D teams, organisations can now go beyond the limitations of legacy LMS approaches and foster a culture of continuous learning that resonates with every individual.

Got 2 Minutes? 

If your organisation is suffering as a result of disengaged learners, then Thirst can help. 🔥

As an AI-powered learning platform, Thirst is empowering organisations big and small to level up learner engagement and create learning experiences designed for the modern learner.

Take the guided tour today and see Thirst in action.

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