dynamic learning experiences

engage and support your learner with adaptive content.

the freedom to create your own interactions

The ability to set up events and actions in thirst.io means you have the freedom to create dynamic and adaptive learning content for your users. thirst.io brings the power of a desktop app into the cloud, offering you much more flexibility than the average cloud-based authoring tool.

actions and events

In thirst.io you can easily create content that changes as the learner interacts with it. Our wizard allows you to add input actions and output events so that learners have a more interactive experience.

From something simple like making an image change on click, to adding questions in the middle of a video, thirst.io gives you the freedom to produce engaging learning content.

completion options

No content author wants a learner to skip through a course without completing key elements, missing out on vital information. thirst.io allows you, as the author, to prevent a learner from moving on until they have completed a certain activity. You can even hide or disable parts of your course until the learner has completed an interaction.

This helps you craft a learning journey for your students, knowing they will engage with the right information at the right time.

non-linear journeys

With thirst.io, your learning journey doesn’t have to be simply getting from A to B. Every learner learns at their own pace, so thirst.io allows you to send learners to different parts of the course depending on how they interact with the content.

For example, if a learner selects the wrong answer, you might want to send them to a revision page before they move on. Or, you might want to allow them to go to a ‘challenge’ activity if they are feeling confident, before returning to the main learning journey.

feedback and support

Need a hand with setting something up? Just ask. Our help-desk is open during UK office hours so you can talk to a real person about using thirst.io. Or, find the answer yourself by visiting our help centre articles.

Can’t find the feature you want? Submit a feature request, and up-vote other people’s so our product team can plan it into our roadmap.

We are always here to help.