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While many businesses strive to create more personalised forms of training for their staff, they can often find the task time-consuming and inefficient.

Whether it means hiring a HR team to do the job for you, or interviewing each employee individually to map their needs, let’s be honest, personalised development isn’t always straightforward.

But that’s where LXPs are taking things to the next level.


So, what is an LXP?

LXPs break down the barriers between work and training, placing learners at the centre of their own education process to create personalised learning experiences that engage and grow their skills.

Far from the traditional road maps that employees are normally expected to conform to, LXPs are all about helping them harness new opportunities for personal and professional development. How? By placing the control in their hands.

Yes, employers can still guide staff onto certain course pathways, but the power of an LXP is about creating and nurturing a culture of learning within the team. Essentially, staff can learn at their own discretion and in the way that suits them best, and build their own destiny.

Sound too good to be true? Well, there are some real advantages as a business to investing in an LXP.


Employee motivation

Employee motivation is key when it comes to having an efficient and driven workforce, and a lack of learning opportunities is a big factor in staff looking for new roles.

In fact, more than half of UK workers say they would leave their role if they weren’t offered training opportunities. A clear indication that continued learning is an incredibly important part of the job, particularly if you hope to hold onto the best talent.

However, it’s worth remembering that in this new era of learning and development, training goes way beyond just updating things like health and safety certificates. Staff want to grow their skills and be engaged, even in areas that don’t necessarily correlate directly with their current role.

And by putting the training into your learners’ hands, you may even find a worker has a real knack for a field you’ve never realised or thought about, and allowing them to excel in this new area can take the whole business to the forefront of your industry in ways you never expected.


Content innovation

Everyone learns in different ways and one of the truly innovative elements of an LXP is the ability to go beyond traditional training delivery methods to suit the user’s learning needs.

Whether they learn better through watching videos, listening to podcasts or reading blogs and articles, they can search and consume reliable content in their preferred format without the need to follow a structured training programme.

It also means they can (and are motivated to) take their training further, broadening their horizons and growing their skillset beyond the study content suggested for them.


Strong learner communities

Another key element of LXPs is the collaborative learning approach. Through things like social forums where users can discuss content and share knowledge and opinion, your LXP can help your business build a community of like-minded learners.

And not only can they follow and grow connections, but they can also recommend content others might be interested in or discuss areas that they’re struggling with for advice and guidance from their peers.


Time management

While every business and their workers would like to invest more time into learning, the reality is that, sometimes, it’s just not possible to squeeze it into the work day.

According to one LinkedIn survey, lack of time is the top reason people feel held back from learning, with managers agreeing that time is also a barrier for talent development.

Fortunately, with LXPs, users don’t have to spend hours studying a course or reading pages and pages of content. The innovative and personalised nature of them make it a haven for micro-learning, where users can dip in and out for short periods of time and still consume relevant content that boosts their skills.

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