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At Thirst, we pride ourselves on innovation and problem solving, and are constantly working to enhance our product so it continues to have a real impact on your business. We recognise the challenges that companies are facing relating to L&D and employee engagement, and are busy developing solutions to help, so that businesses can focus on their growth and productivity.

Recently, we’ve found a common issue businesses are grappling with is trying to remain organised in an increasingly hybrid world, especially when it comes to arranging events, training, and group sessions. Jumping around from platform to platform can be time consuming and frustrating for your team members, and email invites can easily be missed, which is why we’re launching a brand-new feature to help centralise all of your learning, training, and content.


Events on Thirst

From knowledge sharing meetings to training sessions, presentations, webinars, and more, you can now support truly blended learning on Thirst by creating in-person and online events using our brand new Event content creation type.

Integrate Teams, Zoom and Outlook, invite colleagues and employees, monitor attendance and share resources and recordings all in one place for effortless, efficient and seamless event delivery and management.

Join Event and Manage Attendance


All events in one place

Having a single central hub to host, deliver and track all of your workplace training will simplify accessibility for your learners and your administration processes, helping to keep team members engaged and in the know, and HR and L&D teams organised and working efficiently.

Online and In-Person Events


Thirst: a learning platform that your team will want to use

With so many learning options available, it can be a big job choosing the platform that best suits your organisation, and the myriad of industry buzzwords floating about only complicates things further. At Thirst, we like to keep things nice and simple. We are a learning platform that offers tailored content to each and every one of your employees using AI and machine learning. We offer real insights into how your team are doing on their learning journey with intuitive reporting that also helps to reveal skill gaps within your business that you may need to look more closely at.

Thirst is the perfect solution to host and deliver all internal and external learning and training materials, completely removing the need for multiple learning platforms or portals. Whether viewed on a mobile, tablet or desktop, Thirst provides an effortless, easy to use interface and allows your employees to learn anytime, anywhere.

We know you and your team will love using Thirst, and the value it will bring to your organisation, but why not experience it for yourself by booking a demo, or sign up for a bells-and-whistles 14-day free trial) (no obligation, card details or sales calls!). Immerse yourself in personalised learning and see how having Thirst in your business as your single source for all learning and development will transform your team forever.

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Join the L&D teams who are using Thirst to close their skills gap faster.

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