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Make Learning Easier

It's time to get personal. Help your people get ultimate learning experience.

Add the Human Touch

Ineffective LMS platforms just don’t cut it anymore. Bring the personal touch of real human interactions to your learning.

A Personalised Experience

Build a personalised journey for your people to help them learn discover new skills they’ll love.

Supercharge Engagement

Showcase your learning campaigns like never before. Promote new events and help your people learn with confidence and ease.


Learning content wherever your people are.

Connect new employees with product experts for advice and inspiration via shared content, messaging and video calling. Create personalised learning content and share tacit knowledge anywhere your people are with pre-recorded video.

Keep them coming back with personalised content.

No matter how people prefer to learn, there’s one central personalised dashboard that learns as you learn, Thirst can better know their favourite way to learn and keep them coming back again and again with learning content that’s just for them.


Learning content wherever your people are.

Like, share and comment and the most valuable learning content will rise to the top. Your team can interact with content in Thirst to create a community of learners that are brought close together no matter where they are.

Are your internal training materials in multiple locations and formats?

No worries! Regardless of the file format (PDF, Google Docs, video, audio, SCORM…), all training materials can be uploaded to the platform and assigned to your learners instantly by creating learning pathways that makes reskilling and upskilling faster.


“Thirst’s user personalisation of the content surfaced to each colleague is superb, taking into account their own skills and interests and delivering content that they actually want to consume and will accelerate their development and careers.”

Tim Payne

CEO, Clarus WMS

Platform Features

Everything you need to run your internal mobility, career pathing, and retention programmes from one learning platform.

Artificial Intelligence

Personalised content and recommendations are tailored to ensure learners are always receiving relevant and helpful information that’s optimised for their learning needs.


Employees learn about new events as they happen and ensure that your employees are always learning.


Add searchable topics to content and make it easily discoverable for learners and quickly shared amongst teams.

Completion Tracking

Stay on top of learning progress and ensure that they’re keeping up with the material.

Record Audio & Video

Simply open the recorder and press record. When you’re finished, your recording will be automatically saved to your library for easy access later.

Like, Comment & Share

Learners can interact with each other and facilitate social learning across the organisation and create a sense of community, belonging and growth.


A learning eco-system that seamlessly Integrates with your favourite tools.



A learning eco-system that seamlessly integrations with your favourite tools

Take a look at our most commonly asked questions

We have put together some of commonly asked questions. You can view them all here.

What is a Learning Experience Platform?

It’s a platform that uses the individual skills, interests and interactions of each learner to create personalised learning experiences that are completely unique to them.

This personalisation is what makes LXPs so powerful and effective for learners as they are directly involved in the process of curating the learning material they want to consume.

How do I choose an LXP?

If you decide that an LXP is the right fit to drive your learning culture forward, then there are essential features that you need to look out for:

  • Intuitive, customisable and user-friendly dashboards 
  • Personalised recommendations 
  • Skills engine 
  • Social learning and collaboration 
  • Fast access to exceptional learning content 
  • Encourages user-generated content 
  • Detailed insights and powerful analytics
  • Mobile optimised

Does Thirst accept SCORM files?

Regardless of the file format (SCORM. PDF, Google Docs, video and audio), all training materials can be uploaded to the Thirst learning platform and assigned to your learners instantly by creating learning pathways.

Do you support single-sign-on (SSO)?

Yes! with SSO (Single sign-on) sign-in method you can allow users to log into one Thirst and access all of their learning from one place.

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