totara & moodle plugin

Feed your course directly into Totara Learn or Moodle using our completely free plugin. Say goodbye to downloading and uploading courses and hello to instant updates!

Why use the Totara & Moodle Plugin?

If you are using Totara Learn or Moodle as your LMS, this plugin will mean the courses you build in will feed live into your activity list for you to include in your programmes.

Why is a live feed good?

As well as avoiding having to download and move around SCORM files, a live feed means any updates you make in will always be reflected in your LMS, so your students will see the changes as soon as you save. It’s like magic! (Not actual magic – our developers worked really hard on this, we appreciate your work guys.)

Follow the steps below to get started…

1. Create a account

You can get started with a free trial here. You will need your login details to configure the plugin.

2. Install and configure

Send your Totara partner or IT Developers to the installation instructions page where they can download the plugin files and then install and configure the plugin. You will also need to give your developer your logins for the configuration stage, or if you prefer you can download and configure the plugin yourself using the instructions above.

3. Access your content directly in your LMS like this:

a) go to add an activity or resource and select from the list of activities, then click add.

b) select the organisation you wish to use and then the project you wish to add.

c) Finally, click save and display to preview your course.

d) Any changes you make in will automatically be reflected within Totara Learn or Moodle, so there is no need to re-export your content if you make changes – enjoy!