team friendly

co-author, collaborate, and share with your colleagues. was built with teams in mind

Whether you need to collaborate with another colleague or gain approval from multiple stakeholders, makes working together easy. Share projects, themes, and assets with other members of your organisation.

Share your workload and share your ideas.

different roles

If we were all the same life would be very boring. It’s the same in any eLearning team. You might have authors, managers, reviewers, and more. allows you to assign three different roles to the people in your team:

Owners can access subscription and billing, manage other members, and can also access all the projects within their organisation.

Admins can manage other members and can access all the projects within their organisation.

Members can just access the projects they have been added to and create their own new projects.

co-author projects

Add other members of your team to your project to work on a course together. You get to choose who has access to which projects and what type of access they should have.

For each project, teammates can be added as either a project admin, author or viewer. Admins have the power to change project settings, authors can edit the content, and viewers can read the content but can’t make any changes.

shared space

As well as editing content together, members of your team can also access resources and themes attached to your projects. This shared space means you can add the relevant resources to a project and your teammate can use them in the editor.

You can also share project themes across your organisation so that multiple projects are all based on one theme, for consistency.