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A personalised dashboard of learning content, specific and unique to you.

Gone are the days of searching endlessly for interesting and relevant learning materials. thirst automatically brings the latest and most relevant content straight to your dashboard.

How is content surfaced specific to each individual?

  • Skills identified as desired and working towards
  • Skills already achieved
  • Content most recently completed
  • The people they follow
  • Content they have consumed
  • Topics they are interested in
thirst enables growth in the areas you wish to improve.

Let your employees create their own learning pathway…

  1. 1 Select the skills desired and those you want to achieve
  2. 2 Select the skills you have and your interests
  3. 3 Enjoy the relevant content surfaced on your personalised dashboard.
88% of learners don’t apply the skills learned from training to their job as needs aren't being identified before developing a program.*
62% of managers believe their learning programs don't meet their learners' needs.**
thirst negates this by identifying skills required and desired, at the outset, before delivering the most relevant content.

*Source: A report by 24x7 Learning: “Workplace Learning - 2015”. September 2015

Watch. Listen. Read. Interact.

With thirst, you consume learning materials in the manner you want.

thirst learns and grows with you. The more each individual uses the platform, the more the system learns about their unique behaviours and content preferences and surfaces more relevant content in the formats they enjoy.

thirst can support, deliver and record mandatory training within your business.


With thirst, you can create and set specific learning for each individual and then monitor them on their own personalised learning journey.

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