insights and reporting

Decision making based on true insights

thirst is an enabler of individual growth and development, but it also supports organisations in the identification of potential skills and knowledge gaps. Through unique, actionable insights, informative trends analysis and simple to use reporting, you will get the perfect view of your organisation.

  • Skills working towards
  • Skills achieved
  • Courses started
  • Courses completed
  • Individual behaviours
  • Learning trends

Informative trends and insights

thirst will change the game! Do you know which age group in your business are more likely to consume learning materials for their own development? Do you know which job role is outperforming the rest of the business? thirst is able to identify job roles, departments, age ranges, and more, which are highest performing and delivering the biggest benefit to your business.

Complete visibility of platform usage and engagement

When do people consume learning most?
Which skills do you have in abundance?
Which skills are you lacking?
How long do your team spend on development?

Track progression and growth

Ensuring the completion of mandatory training within the business, thirst offers a comprehensive reporting suite which records full details of each user, the courses they have undertaken and completed.
  • assign
  • track
  • see

Tailor your own delivery

Which materials are most popular with your team? Do they prefer to watch, listen or interact? thirst will give you the insights needed to enhance your own in-house delivery and increase the success of all internal learning and development.

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