learn together,
grow as one

thirst creates and fosters communities of learners, who then share knowledge and insights across the whole organisation.
“Learning is experience.
Everything else is just information.”

Albert Einstein

With the click of a button, leaders are born

By following other team members and individuals within the business, users will begin to see the content which has been commented on or shared by those they are following, surfaced more frequently on their personalised dashboard.

Comments and opinions foster healthy conversation

Empower your team to embed their own culture of learning and development by sharing learning materials and collaborating with each other.

Narrow your skills gap

Building communities of like-minded individuals, thirst supports tacit knowledge sharing between colleagues which helps to narrow skills gaps and improve the overall performance of your business.
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Build communities of learners

thirst supports peer-based learning by enabling users to share content, make comments and offer opinion on the learning materials they find most relevant and interesting.

Never miss a beat

From comments made by your team on content you have created, through to new materials added to the platform by a peer you follow, thirst will let you know in real time.

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