Feature-rich and content heavy, thirst will make your teams want to come back again and again.

Skills-based learning

As unique as your fingerprint, thirst uses machine learning and AI recommendations based on your skills, interests and the content digested to provide you with a unique learning experience.
Conflict management
Build effective teams
Creative thinking
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In-house content creation

Do you have a stack of internal documents and training materials you wish you could centralise and make accessible to all? Would you like all learning and development to be undertaken in the same environment?

No matter the materials created, thirst has a quick and easy-to-use content upload function that enables you to bring in-house materials into the platform and assign them to your learners.
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User experience

thirst offers an immersive user-centric experience which delivers learning in the most intuitive way. From the moment you login, you will be presented with 1000’s of items to read, watch and listen to, tailored specifically to your own needs and interests.


Ensure a seamless experience for your users by creating an environment which is familiar to them.

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Insights and user management

Identifying gaps in knowledge in your organisation can be difficult, as can identifying the skills you already have in abundance and those you may lack.

Helping you to make the decisions that shape your organisation, thirst gives you complete visibility of all aspects of your teams’ learning through a bespoke suite of insightful management information and reporting.
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