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Venturing into the world of digital education can be pretty intimidating if it’s your first time – which is why you need to know the company you’re working with is going to guide you through the process and deliver the best platform that’s right for your business.

But how do you find that trusted partner in the first place? The e-learning market is growing like never before, but there isn’t always the guidance available to help you make those key decisions for your business.


So, let us help you out instead.

Here at Thirst, we know how important it is to make sure your business’ learning and professional training is up to par, especially if you want to engage and develop your workforce and retain the top talent in your company.

We also know that the biggest barriers to a successful employee training programme are a lack of relevant, interesting, up-to-date content, usually delivered via an unattractive and often clunky-to-use learning environment that inflexibly prescribes where and how your employees can learn. And all that for a hefty price tag too. Yuck!


That’s where Thirst comes in.

Delivering the ultimate learning experience, Thirst is the learning platform your employees will want to use. Effortless, sexy, and boasting some industry firsts with never-before-seen levels of personalised content recommendations, Thirst delivers truly individual experiences based on each learner’s skills, interests and learning preferences. Learners have complete freedom to learn about the things that interest them, as well as topics that can help them excel with their current role or goals, enabling you to foster a strong culture of learning and development within your team.

And that’s just the beginning! Here are some more of the key benefits that Thirst can bring to your business.


The right features

Many learning platforms boast a tonne of features but while this seems impressive, how useful and actually easy-to-use are they?

We built Thirst with users in mind, to make it as easy and exciting as possible for them to grow and build knowledge.

  • Skills-based learning – one of the biggest things for businesses to balance is enhancing the skills they need on their teams while helping staff reach their own personal learning goals. With Thirst’s skills-based learning, learners will have relevant personalised content automatically surfaced to them based on the skills they’ve chosen as ‘achieved’ and ‘working towards’. As a business, you’ll be able to see what interests your employees and where the skills gaps are in your organisation, allowing you to assign learning pathways to cover these gaps. Content is surfaced via leading content curators bringing together hundreds of online sources, so you can be confident the materials your employees are consuming are relevant, timely and up-to-date.
  • Insights and user management – whether staff are following their own goals and learning pathways, or structured mandatory training, or both, you’ll want to keep track of how they’re doing. With Thirst’s insights and user management tools, you’ll have complete visibility of your team’s learning progress and who/how/where/when they’re engaging and interacting with content, allowing you to increase the success of all learning and development.
  • In-house content creation – are there specific topics your staff need to learn about? With Thirst, you can easily upload your own training materials and assign them to your team so they automatically appear on learners’ dashboards.  It’s super flexible too – you can upload any file type, from high-quality videos through to SCORM files. And by having all learning in one central location, learners stay engaged and your administration becomes effortless.
  • Social learning – one of the most effective ways to learn is from and with peers and colleagues. Thirst encourages supporting and learning from each other, so whether you spot something that might be useful for someone else or need guidance on a particular topic yourself, shout out to your fellow learners. It’s also a great way to build connections and create a like-minded community who share similar interests and goals.
  • Customisation – create a seamless experience by customising your platform with your logo and business colour scheme so your workforce can learn in an environment that feels familiar to them.
  • Immersive experiences – Thirst is set up to be totally user-centric with learning through intuition. From notifications when new, relevant content hits the platform, to curating and presenting content via each learner’s preferred learning style, it’s all about putting them first – right from the moment they login!


Keeping it simple

At Thirst, our mission is to make learning accessible to everyone. So before you even sign up, your journey with us will be as easy, simple and transparent as it can be.

In fact, Thirst is so easy to use there’s no need for a demo (but we will happily provide one if you’d like), there are no laborious sales or onboarding processes, and everyone gets instant unlimited access on a 14 day free trial (we won’t even ask for payment details!). We want you to dive straight into the ultimate learning experience, and see for yourself the transformative benefits Thirst can bring to your staff and business.

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