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At Thirst, we’re always striving to improve our product so that you can continue to improve your business. Our goal is to help you hit your goals, and the exciting new features we regularly add to our platform are there to do just that.

We talk a lot about the importance of learning and development within a company, and how it can drive productivity and staff retention. It can however be tricky to track the effectiveness of the L&D you’re putting in place for your team, so to help combat this very issue, we’ve added a quiz feature to the Thirst learning platform.


Remember, a quiz is not the same as a test!

A quiz is much shorter than a test and is a fun way to ensure everyone is on track following the training you’ve put in place for them.

Getting top marks on a quiz can be really motivating and getting a few answers wrong is a good way to establish any additional support your team may need in certain areas.


The Thirst quiz: how it works

Our quiz feature gives you the chance to ensure your team are feeling confident in their learning and are responding well to the learning materials that are in place for them.

You can quickly and easily create a quiz on any topic and include 10 multiple-choice questions with between 2 and 4 answers for your employees to choose from.

Staff will have to answer each question to progress to the next one, and once they’ve completed all the questions, can submit their quiz, and receive instant feedback on their results.

As an admin, you will have access to all the submitted quizzes and can use this information to continue to support your team on their learning journey.

This feature is designed to help track learning, support team members with any knowledge gaps, and add a little fun to the process. After all, a bit of healthy competition never hurt anyone!


Watch this space for more new features…

As with everything we do at Thirst, our quiz feature will continue to get bigger and better in the next few months. Watch this space as we add more quiz options, and for other new features, we’ll be releasing to make your employee’s learning journey even more exciting, motivating, and beneficial for them and for your business.


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