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The shift in the way we’ve worked over the last two years, and will likely continue to work in the future, has tons of pros and of course, some cons too.

Staff spending less time commuting, feeling better rested, and being more proactive and productive? Pro. Fewer overheads with more employees working remotely? Pro. Engagement and overall happiness positively affecting your company goals and results? Big, fat pro.

Something that companies are finding more of a challenge now than they have before, however, is ensuring their teams are aligned, focussed, and collaborating in the same way they would if they were all under the same roof. “These downsides arise from the organizational norms that underpin culture and performance—ways of working, as well as standards of behaviour and interaction—that help create a common culture, generate social cohesion, and build shared trust,” an article by McKinsey & Company comments.


Communication and Support

With a large portion of staff working remotely or flexibly, it’s now much more challenging for businesses to establish good communication and to make sure all employees feel supported and that they are still a part of the team. HR departments the world over are having to make changes and figure out how to make sure the people in their companies are not just taken care of, but thriving in this new world of remote working.


Moving Your Company Forward

Learning, development, career progression, training, individual growth, company growth, and general future planning are things many companies put on the back burner when the pandemic hit, focussing on survival rather than growth. Now, with the waters a little calmer, businesses are looking once again to implement solutions that ensure forward motion for the company, and satisfaction and happiness for their people. There’s an almost never-ending supply of business tools designed to help with this, and that can be a little overwhelming.


How Many Business Tools is Too Many?

Harvard Business Review published an article in 2021 surrounding the topic of new technologies and tools businesses are using in an effort to streamline and become more efficient. Their summary? “Companies are rolling out new technologies faster than employees can learn to use them. The cognitive costs of switching between tools are high. To reduce this problem, companies should design their tech stack as a single product, conduct A/B testing using employees, and design tools for employees with a wide range of tech literacy.”

In a study by Cornell University, 43% of people interviewed said they spend too much time switching between tools and that employees are spending on average an hour a day searching through different tools for the information they need.


Making Things Simple is the Smart Thing to Do

The takeaway from these studies is clear. Streamlining is key and making things simple is smart. Your employees already have a hundred things to think about each day, and their learning and development should be easy to access and complete. It should also be something that they look forward to doing, which is what makes Thirst special. Not only can our online learning platform host all your internal training materials (whether they be documents, videos, audio recordings, SCORM files and more) but Thirst gets to know your team members as individuals, recommending further learning and development that’s tailored specifically to them, to help them reach and exceed their career goals. Thirst is powerful, simple, social, and actively drives employees to grow and develop their skillset.


We’ll Let You Know How Your Team are Doing

Use Thirst to make all the difference to employee development and growth and have a big impact on future company productivity, based on acquired skills and individual career development.

Through a suite of insightful reporting and analytics, Thirst will let you know when your team have completed mandatory training, but also give you insights into the further learning they’re undertaking, and any helpful content they’re sharing with their colleagues which, in turn, will help to create a strong culture of L&D. However and whatever your team are learning on Thirst, you’ll have complete visibility so you can support and celebrate their drive to grow and improve.


How Does it All Work?

Using machine learning and AI recommendations based on each individual user’s skills, interests, and the content they consume, Thirst provides each user with a unique learning experience. So as well as being able to access all your internal company training and L&D content (which you add using our easy upload function), your learners have a whole world of additional learning at their fingertips. Knowing that Thirst is their single go-to destination to learn, grow, and develop professionally makes things simple and straightforward for your team. Having your in-house L&D material stored in the same place as fresh, relevant content from hundreds of sources all over the web means your team members don’t have to spend hours searching for training and can instead focus their time on learning, growing, and exceeding their career goals.



Our pricing model is what makes us the perfect solution for any sized company, at any stage of growth. We simply charge per user per month. That’s it. There are no hidden costs, and we don’t ask for any long-term commitment or minimum criteria to be met. You’ll have access to all features including personalised content recommendations from hundreds of online sources, 30,000 skills, the ability to upload any file type and host internal company materials in one place, a personalised dashboard for each user, social and collaborative learning where users can like, comment, share and save content and follow each other, an intuitive, effortless user interface, employee progression tracking, insights and trends, and so much more.

When you sign up, every user automatically starts with 14-days free so you can really see what you think of Thirst and put it to the test before you part with your cash. Why? Because we know you and your team will love what we have to offer.


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