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If your company is one of the millions using Zoom every day, then you’ll already know the huge impact it’s had on improving communication and collaboration.

And while you may think your company is getting the most out of Zoom…you can use it to make an even bigger impact and accelerate the learning culture across your organisation.

Video events can play a huge role in the evolution of L&D

At Thirst, we’ve built an integration with Zoom – to help you level up you’re learning and development by delivering engaging content and immersive learning experiences across your organisation at scale.

Here’s how the Thirst and Zoom integration helps:

Make the Learning Experience More Interactive and Memorable

Video content is more visually stimulating and can keep learners engaged for longer periods.

With the Thirst integration with Zoom, you can send personalised learning content that will engage your teams and recordings are automatically published in the Thirst for learners to watch when they get the chance.

Your Video Events Can Help Employees Retain Information

Studies have shown that video content improves memory retention and recall, making it easier for learners to remember what they’ve learned.

Now imagine what happens to your employees when they view one of your Zoom events. Now content is personalised, relevant and creates a great learner experience.

Use Zoom to Scale Knowledge Sharing Globally

 Employees scattered around the country or perhaps even around the globe?

With Zoom and Thirst, learning silos are a thing of the past.

Your learning events can be scaled to include a large number of employees at the same time and makes it easy to deliver faster employee onboarding, knowledge-sharing and impactful training to teams or large groups of employees around the world.

Learning Events Can Be Accessed on Demand

The way people learn has changed.

People want to learn in their own way.

Video allows learners to consume learning material at their own pace and on their own schedule. This flexibility makes it easier for learners to fit training into the flow of work.

Cost-Effective Way to Deliver L&D

L&D budgets are getting smaller and L&D leaders are being asked to do more with less.

Thirst’s integration with Zoom removes the need for costly in-person training sessions and can be reused multiple times, making them a valuable learning and development investment with a long-life cycle.

Recreate Real-World Scenarios

You can use the integration with Zoom to simulate real workplace scenarios and provide learners with an opportunity to practice skills and apply their knowledge in a safe and controlled environment.

This is a game-changer for growing teams with tighter budgets.

Overall, video events can be a powerful tool in L&D, helping employees retain information, improve engagement and provide flexible and scalable learning options across your company.

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