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The subject of e-learning can be a little frightening.

There’s a myriad of things to consider, from how to motivate your workforce and help them achieve their learning goals, to the best way to deliver content so that it benefits your team and your business, and many things in between. With so many e-learning options out there, making decisions about how best to help your staff learn and develop could feel like you’re in a Halloween horror movie, but it doesn’t have to!

We’ve taken a closer look at the things that might be a little scary when it comes to e-learning, and how best to tackle such an important topic.


How do I select the right platform?

We recently wrote a blog about selecting an e-learning platform that suits your company’s needs, and the best way to figure it out is by thinking about what it is you want for your company.

Are you aiming to create a completely new culture of learning? Is your goal to have your team complete equal amounts of mandatory and non-mandatory training? Is your plan to set targets for new skills acquired by your employees? Are you setting company L&D targets as well as individual ones? Deciding what you want to achieve with your company L&D makes choosing the right platform a lot easier, and assessing their features far less overwhelming as you have a clear goal that the platform needs to fulfill.


Are my team learning the right things?

This is a concern that many HR professionals and L&D decision-makers have, and it’s a valid issue. It’s one thing to get your staff excited about learning, but it’s quite another to make sure they’re learning things that will benefit them and your company.

“We see many L&D teams delivering training that doesn’t directly relate to improving individual or organizational performance. They often focus on measuring success by the number of trainings provided, instead of focusing on the quality of what is delivered,” explains an article by Forbes. “We see a lot of training created that is generic and at a high enough level to “cover everybody.” This approach is limiting, and it is no wonder that 70% of employees (registration required) report they do not have the mastery to do their jobs.”

In short, a blanket approach to L&D won’t work for most companies. You need to establish what it is your individual team members need to learn in order to yield the results you want. Upskilling and acquiring new skills is fantastic as long as they are the right skills for your company.


Is my company benefiting from e-learning?

Well, quite simply, the proof is in the pudding. If your team are learning the right things, gaining the right skills, and using the right platform, they will undoubtedly benefit from e-learning, and so will your business. We all know that learning in the workplace benefits everyone, but it must be done right.

Asking questions and considering the problems or challenges your company may be facing will inevitably lead to an answer. Once you have that answer, you can find an e-learning solution that works for you.


Can my employees actually apply what they’re learning to their jobs? 

That is the ultimate goal, yes. Gaining applicable skills to ensure employees are performing better than ever in their role is exactly what L&D is designed to do.

Another question to consider might be, can they apply what they’re learning to other parts of the company as well? For example, you may notice that loads of your staff are marketing wizards, but not many have the analytics skills needed to evaluate if their marketing ideas and activities are paying off. Finding skills gaps and plugging them is crucial to moving your business forward, and the right learning platform can be just the tool you need to do it.


How can I tell how my team are doing on their e-learning journey? 

Making sure your staff feel a) supported and b) like they’re succeeding is important and different learning platforms will offer different ways to oversee exactly how your employees are doing on their learning journey.

We can only speak for ourselves, so at Thirst, we offer unique, actionable insights, informative trends analysis and simple-to-use reporting so you will get the perfect view of your organisation. You can see exactly what your staff are learning, who’s consuming and sharing the most content, who’s improving the fastest, who might need more support and where the skills gaps are within your organisation.

We also just launched a quiz feature that provides an engaging way for you to see how well your staff are absorbing and retaining the information and learning available to them. A quiz (which is different from a test, we hasten to add!) is a fun way to make sure everyone is heading in the right direction.


Not so scary, right?!

L&D and e-learning are both widely considered fundamental to business growth and coupled with being bewitching subjects, can sure sound a bit frightening… but as soon as you start breaking the topic down into little bitesize chunks and asking the right questions, it doesn’t seem quite so bad, does it?


Thirst is different to any other learning platform

Upon registration, users select the skills and topics that interest them most. Thirst then uses an advanced recommendation engine to surface the latest range of personalised learning content to each individual every time they log in.

Users can save, like, comment, share and recommend content to each other. This helps to build internal communities and allows your team to support one another, raising knowledge levels across the business. 

Thirst is also the perfect solution to host and deliver all internal and external learning and training materials, completely removing the need for multiple learning environments.


Get in touch today for a free trial and see what all the fuss is about. 

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