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Every business has different needs when it comes to the running of the day-to-day; so it would make sense that learning would, and should, follow suit, right?

For a long time, businesses were forced to send staff on external, face-to-face training courses. Whether it was to complete qualifications that made them legally compliant to do their job, or they needed to learn particular skills that couldn’t be taught in-house, often it was simply about ticking a box. And in reality, staff didn’t always use the skills they were taught.

Today, e-learning has changed all that. We can easily and affordably take charge of our staff’s learning pathways and make sure every part of their training is appropriate, effective and worthwhile, while also giving each learner the chance to shape their own learning too.

And that’s where creating and curating content to make training more bespoke comes in. In fact, in-house content creation could just be the game-changer your business needs.


What’s the difference between content creation and content curation?

Essentially, content creation is content that has been crafted by you, specifically. Whether you need to create content based on your business processes and guidelines, an outline of exact business protocols or more in-depth, tailored training programmes that are specifically relevant to certain departments or job roles, creating your own content will allow you to fulfil these kinds of objectives.

Content curation, on the other hand, is the process of gathering information from numerous sources and selecting the most relevant and valuable pieces to share with your audience. It could include things like scholarly articles written by industry experts, or blogs or videos with key information about important topics you’d like the team to be aware of.

But why is taking this all in-house such a good thing for your staff and business?

  • Relevant content, whether created or curated, can help learners feel more motivated, knowing that what they are learning is relevant, appropriate and useful.
  • Content can be actively updated as needed – making sure that everything being studied is current and accurate.
  • Learners get a full picture of what they’re studying, giving them all the relevant data points without having to search the internet themselves for answers.
  • It can be used to shape what staff are learning, so skills gaps are plugged and strengthened as needed.

It sounds like a lot of work, though, right? Wrong.

The more relevant the content, the better the online learning experience will be – but it doesn’t have to be difficult. And that’s where LXPs like Thirst can help.


How Thirst can make all the difference

With our online learning platform, we’ve made it really easy for you to create the training and development strategy that works for your business – a one-stop-shop for learning, where curated and original content work in harmony. Forget multiple LMS or training systems; everything you need is right here in one place in an effortless and intuitive UI.

From adding your own training materials with the easy upload function, to utilising the AI-powered content curation features, Thirst is the tool to deliver engaging, up-to-date learning content to your teams.


But what exactly does that include?

Firstly, upload almost any file type for your created content, including original written articles, videos and podcasts (which can even be recorded and added straight from your phone), as well as more traditional SCORM files.

As standard, Thirst comes with integration into Anders Pink, our award-winning content curation partner. Anders Pink surfaces thousands of pieces of learning content from hundreds of sources all over the web and Thirst’s powerful machine learning technology then presents the most relevant, useful and valuable content for each individual, so you can be safe in the knowledge that your staff are utilising the best assets for success.

You’ll have a never-ending supply of learning content readily available to you and your team, in the topics, industries and skills that interest them, as well as your own existing and in-house training materials, right at your fingertips. And as everybody has the power to create and share content in the platform, tacit knowledge sharing is a breeze.

Don’t forget, if you’re transferring existing training materials into an e-learning format, make them engaging!


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