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Here at Thirst, we’ve built the perfect tool to enable employees to carve their own learning journey by learning about the things that interest them. Ours is the ideal learning experience platform (LXP) to present both internal and external learning in one single location, and with its powerful AI engine, Thirst presents relevant, up to date content from all over the web, in countless formats, to suit each individual user based on their likes and interests.

We’re spearheading a new era of learning, designed to transform your team forever by giving them a learning platform they’ll want to use. Here’s how assigning content can help:


What’s the point of an “assigning content” feature?

When it comes to learning and development, our aim is to deliver a completely tailored programme of content for each individual user, and whilst that may sound complicated or time consuming, our tech does it all for you, curating the latest and most relevant content each time you log in.

Our LXP not only offers a limitless range of online learning material, but also allows users to upload their own content as well. This enables all compliance, legal and mandatory training to be stored in a single location and assigned to those who need to complete it.

Think of Thirst as a personal learning and development library, easily accessible and trackable. Thirst allows every single piece of content to be assigned, completed, and tracked, all in one location.


How does “assigning content” work?

Admins and managers can assign content to users within their organisation, no matter what department they’re in, or what job role they have.

To get started, simply sign in to Thirst, select the content you’d like to assign and then click the assign icon.

A pop-up box will then appear, scroll to find, or type to search for, the name of the person you want to assign the content to and click “assign”. It couldn’t be easier!

An email will then be sent to the staff member(s), letting them know they have a new piece of content to complete. They will also receive a notification in Thirst and the assigned piece of content will be ready and waiting in their My Learning next time they log in.


What are the benefits of “assigning content”?

Assigning content is such a versatile feature as it can contribute to anything from building a personal development plan agreed between employees and managers to bag them their next promotion, or even provide mandatory training and development cross-departmentally.

For example, certain standard work courses could be a requirement of an organisation’s onboarding process, overall learning strategy, or essential to meet training standards or adhere to legal or compliance obligations. Assigning this learning content in Thirst makes it quick and easy to ensure those who need to complete the training are notified and allows admins and managers to track completion rates in real-time.

But, of course, we understand that sometimes it’s not just all about the mandatory side – assigning content should be engaging as well.

Using our intuitive upload facility, users can easily add and share their own content, in any format. For example, if you wanted to send the whole business a demo video of a new product, Thirst makes it quick and simple to publish your content instantly.


Give assigned learning a try with a free trial

Here at Thirst, we pride ourselves on being innovative, and that’s exactly why we built assigning content to be just as easy as it sounds.

With this, Thirst can replace existing LMS’ as a single destination for all organisational learning and development needs.

That’s because, to us, it’s not just about what skills an employee has right now, it’s about unlocking their potential.

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