eLearning authoring has evolved

powerful, brandable, responsive, easy.
an authoring tool like no other.

an eLearning authoring tool built with you in mind

thirst.io is a fresh, modern, cloud-based authoring tool that allows your team to create branded, flexible learning experiences, quickly and efficiently.

why thirst.io?

  • WYSIWYG editor
  • create dynamic content
  • create your own themes
  • team friendly
  • mobile friendly
  • Totara and Moodle plugin

what makes thirst.io different?

elearning authoring tool WYSIWYG editor

WYSIWYG editor

What you see in your thirst.io editor is what you get. Add your content directly into the course, which means no separate editing panels, no waiting for previews to load, and instant feedback on how your course will look.

This intuitive way of editing means most people can pick it up and run with it, no training needed.

elearning authoring tool create flexible personalised dynamic content

dynamic learning experiences

Learning isn’t a linear journey. The ability to set up events and actions in thirst.io means you have the freedom to create personalised and responsive learning content for your users.

thirst.io brings the power of a desktop app into the cloud, offering you much more flexibility than the average cloud-based authoring tool.

elearning authoring tool create your own themes

create your own themes

Whether you work with just one brand or twenty clients with different branding, thirst.io makes branding your content simple. Set up your ‘theme’ with colours, fonts, and preferred styling, then as you build your course everything will be automatically branded for you.

Re-brand existing content easily, either update the theme in the theme editor, or simply apply a new theme. Create unlimited releases using as many different themes as you need.

elearning authoring tool team friendly

team friendly

thirst.io was built with teams in mind from the outset. Whether you need to collaborate with another colleague or gain approval from multiple stakeholders, thirst.io makes working together easy.

Share projects, themes, and assets with other members of your organisation. Share your workload and share your ideas.

elearning authoring tool mobile friendly

mobile friendly

We know your learners need to have the flexibility to learn wherever they are, on whatever device they choose. Everything you build in thirst.io will automatically work on your learner’s laptop, phone, tablet and desktop.

thirst.io also allows you to edit your content in mobile view – so you can be sure you are always creating a good user experience for your learners.

elearning authoring tool totara moodle integration

Totara & Moodle plugin

thirst.io exports to SCORM, so you can use it with any LMS which accepts SCORM files.

If you use Totara or Moodle, you can even install a thirst.io plugin to link your courses to the LMS directly. Best of all, when you make a change in thirst.io, your course will automatically be updated in your LMS.