WYSIWYG editor

easy to use, what-you-see-is-what-you-get editor.

quick and easy to use

What you see in your thirst.io editor is what you get. Add your content directly into the course, which means no separate editing panels, no waiting for previews to load, and instant feedback on how your course will look.

This intuitive way of editing means most people can pick it up and run with it, no training needed.

add a range of content

Drag and drop your content into your project to begin building your course. Add interactive elements such as…

multiple-choice questions

Incredibly easy to set up – add your text, select the correct answer, input your feedback, and you are good to go.

Assess how much information your learner has retained by adding questions at regular intervals. You can make the questions mandatory or optional, and you can also decide what happens if the learner gets the question right or wrong. Should the learner progress? Or maybe be directed back to a revision page?


Videos are fast becoming one of the most popular and useful eLearning tools on offer. With thirst.io you can upload videos to your course, or use a YouTube or Vimeo link to add them instead.

Once you’ve added your video, you can do lots of things with it including…

  • clip the video by adding start and/or end points
  • add questions and information at certain points in the video
  • autoplay
  • hide the video controls to discourage scrubbing
  • make watching the full video mandatory
  • add a transcript or revision notes alongside

… and more.

buttons and links

Whether you need to take your learner to a specific page in the course, or an external link, or simply to move them to the next page, thirst.io allows you to drop in buttons wherever you need to.

You have the option of disabling or hiding buttons until a certain activity has been completed or until the learner gets a question right, to help personalise your leaner’s journey.


Whether you are adding a narrator to your course, or a specific audio activity, adding audio is simple in thirst.io. Drop your audio component into your course, upload your MP3, and you are good to go.

Like any other component, you can add actions to your audio, so once the audio has finished or reached a certain point, this can trigger other components to appear, or become active.


Images can add so much to a digital learning experience. Images you add in thirst.io can be clickable, appear only when triggered, or be turned into a carousel.

All thirst.io accounts come with access to a range of free stock imagery, including illustrations and photography. You can also upload your own images to your resource manager.

expandable sections

Expandable sections are great for revealing more detailed information in an interactive way. You might want to use them for glossaries, top tips boxes, or to create an accordion.

As with all our content, the expandable sections work well on mobile. Using expandable sections can help you present a lot of text in a digestible format, whatever device your learner is using.