mobile friendly

create responsive courses, for on-the-go learning.

create content for any device

We know your learners need to have the flexibility to learn wherever they are, on whatever device they choose. Everything you build in will automatically work on your learner’s laptop, phone, tablet and desktop.

mobile first layout’s unique column and row structure allows your content to stack and re-size when the screen is small. This means your course will behave the same way as a mobile-friendly website when the learner accesses it.

What’s more, all this happens automatically in the background, so you don’t have to worry about it.

looks good on any screen size

We know your learners might be working on a range of screen sizes, including tablets, wide-screen, and a multitude of phone sizes.

Don’t worry, with your content will adapt to any size screen in a sensible way so your learner will always get the best experience possible.

edit in mobile view also allows you to edit your content in mobile view – so you can be sure you are always creating a good user experience for your learners.

You can easily toggle between desktop and mobile views in, and between learner view and your editing view. This makes it much simpler to test your ideas are suited to different sized screens.