Tips for starting a career in eLearning

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So, you’re thinking about a career in eLearning … but you’re not really sure how to get started? The career path itself is certainly quite young compared to many of the world’s professions, but its development is happening at a much faster rate.
starting a career in elearning

In fact, we’d say it couldn’t be a better time to get involved.

As you may well know, over the last decade, students have been increasingly turning to online learning, whether for financial reasons, time factors or something else.

Then, we hit 2020 – and suddenly a worldwide pandemic saw some of the oldest learning institutions and universities turn to online, too.

And the trend has shown no signs of slowing down.

Some stats have even forecasted the online education market will be worth as much as $350bn (£268bn) by 2025.

The good news is that, if you think you’ve got a knack for it, it’s the perfect time to make your mark and build a career in the eLearning world.

But, first, here are some key tips you’ll need to follow to get started:

lead by example

It’s important, when you’re starting out, to make sure you are leading by example. For instance, don’t assume you know everything – if there are gaps in your knowledge, fill them. Try out a variety of online courses, not only to improve your own knowledge but to see how others are building courses and what works best from a learner’s point of view.

The key thing here is to make sure you’re passing on the right content to your learners, so their time studying your course is both valuable and engaging.

ask questions

Never be afraid to ask questions. If you’ve experienced other online learning courses and have found them difficult to follow or not very engaging, then change things up – challenge traditions and assumptions and make your own path.

Or, why not get in touch with the course developers and ask them about why they have done things a certain way?

be empathetic

Put yourself in your learners’ shoes. Online learning isn’t easy for everyone and it can be a journey while people break away from traditional learning methods and put themselves in a new educational environment.

So, think about how you can engage with your learners and make yourself easily contactable, so you can answer any questions they may have.

network with other eLearning professionals

Never underestimate the power of learning from others. Far from thinking of other eLearning professionals as simply ‘competition’, get out there and start networking with them instead.

This can include anything from simply asking them about how they got started themselves, to challenging them on traditions or even getting feedback on your own courses.

And, while current guidelines may discourage you from meeting up, why not search L&D hashtags on Twitter to join the online conversation?

You can read more about how to build a professional learning network here.

find your specialism

Having a niche could really help you stand out from the crowd when it comes to advertising your eLearning courses.

It’s also a great way to use your past experience and hone it into useable and teachable content. For example, did you used to work in marketing? Create some marketing courses that help learners learn key skills to flourish in the profession.

output the right type of file

If you’re just starting out, you’ll probably want to also think about whether you are going to sell directly to your learners and get set up with an LMS, or whether you are going to be selling your content on to trainers who already have a platform set up.

If it’s the latter, most learning platforms accept SCORM files, so make sure you choose a tool that will allow you to export as a SCORM.

Authoring tools are the ideal way to build your online courses, with everything you need to create a valuable and interactive experience for your students, and export in a compatible format.

Our authoring tool has everything you need to get started building your SCORM compatible courses right here.

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