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using audio to enhance the eLearning experience

Do you ever feel like you understand something better when someone explains a concept to you, even though you’ve already read about it? It’s so important not to underestimate the importance of using audio in eLearning and how it can open the door to understanding in a way that sometimes text just can’t. From building […]

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multi-device eLearning is easier to create than you think

We now use our smartphones and tablets for pretty much all web-based services, and eLearning is no exception. Users expect that level of freedom to complete their courses as and when they can – regardless of whether they are in the office, sat at home, or in between meetings. Developing a single course that works […]

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what is multi-media learning?

Adding variation in both the design of a course and delivery of content is easily achieved by using forms of multimedia throughout. It will enhance the learning journey and ensure users …

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why you should be using eLearning in your company

eLearning can range from barely adequate to excellent and anything in between. So, it is hardly a surprise that some organisations are still not embracing it. A bad previous…

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