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Tips for starting a career in eLearning

In fact, we’d say it couldn’t be a better time to get involved. As you may well know, over the last decade, students have been increasingly turning to online learning, whether for financial reasons, time factors or something else. Then, we hit 2020 – and suddenly a worldwide pandemic saw some of the oldest learning […]

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how long does it take for people to learn something new?

It’s an ambiguous question, really – how long does it take people to learn a new skill? For some, the answer here could be the infamous statistic of 10,000 hours, something which no doubt would have potential learners giving up before they had even begun. But, let’s be clear – that stat mainly refers to […]

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what is blended learning and why could it transform my traditional learning course?

There’s no doubt that eLearning is quickly becoming one of the key players in the education world – but it’s by no means a one-size-fits-all approach. For many businesses, online learning has become the sole way they teach their staff new skills, thanks to its cost-effectiveness, flexibility and accessibility. However, for some industries, it doesn’t […]

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how to make eLearning more human in an increasingly virtual world

There’s no question that eLearning is a whole other ball game when it comes to education – from communicating virtually with mentors to often studying from the comfort of home, instead of school or college, the experience can be almost alien to learners, particularly if they are older. For some students, working virtually can be […]

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turning unsure learners into confident go-getters through eLearning

Building confidence in your students should be something that is integral to your strategy when designing an eLearning course, particularly if learners have less face-to-face time with mentors. Why? Because, while it’s one thing to get people to sign up to your online course, you also need to make sure that, once there, they’re getting […]

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creating eLearning content in an age of empowered learners

In fact, the age of forced learning for employees is gone and the age of empowered learners is here; today, we’re seeing a drive towards people wanting to do better and be better at their jobs, or even try new things, in a bid to boost job satisfaction and career progression. And, not only have […]

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do people learn better in their own time or at work?

Whether you learn better through textbooks, images or one-on-one with a mentor, each person subconsciously approaches the way they absorb information differently. But what about when and where that person is learning – do environment and time factor? Training is a highly-valued tool for both employers and employees and, without it, businesses would be forced […]

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why social learning is taking online training to the next level

Social learning theory highlights that one of the most effective ways to learn is through watching, listening and doing; a blend of learning styles which together help us to better understand, retain and apply new knowledge to situations. That’s why, today, it’s becoming a crucial element of the eLearning experience, with new techniques bringing social […]

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3 learning theories to consider when creating eLearning

If you want to deliver a successful and engaging eLearning course, you need to keep in mind how users learn. Understanding the process in which people absorb information and retain…

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