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key skills needed by learning professionals today

In years gone by, some skills might have been delivering courses face to face, booking trainers over the phone, or planning an induction course. Today, we might still have to do that, but we are also expected to be able to handle a whole host of new digital technologies and come up with solutions which […]

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top tips for building a professional learning network

Swing back a hundred years and feeling empowered to share ideas, ask questions and seek knowledge was something frequently limited by distance, money and social barriers – but our reality couldn’t be any more different today. Particularly in the West, no matter gender, social position or political affiliation, the 20th Century saw children given free […]

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improving efficiency and consistency across your elearning creation teams

Challenge 1: How do I enable my team to produce a consistent course experience?  You’ve designed the look and feel for the course, selected an appropriate colour theme and deduced the most accessible font for your user base. You’ve agreed on the colour for the text and how large the writing should appear.  Then… your […]

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collaboration within eLearning teams

Let’s imagine that following a business meeting, your team has been tasked with developing a new eLearning course for another department. Maybe you were out for lunch or in the supermarket…

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