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Built for today’s learner

thirst is different to any other learning experience. Based on the individual skills and interests of each user, thirst uses an advanced recommendation engine to surface the latest and widest range of relevant, personalised learning content to each user, every time they visit the platform.


Embed a culture of learning

Support and build internal communities by giving your team the ability to comment, share and recommend content to each other, raising the overall level of knowledge across your organisation.

Your complete learning eco-system

Removing the need for multiple learning environments, thirst provides the perfect solution to host and deliver both internal and external learning materials, all in one platform.

The most intuitive user experience

Mobile, tablet or desktop, portrait or landscape, thirst is a smooth, simplified and uncluttered interface.

Make decisions based on true insights

Where are the gaps in knowledge in your organisation? Which skills do you have in abundance and which do you lack? thirst gives you complete visibility through a suite of insightful management information and reporting.
thirst provides users with a front row seat to the most intuitive learning experience

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